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How to get the Spirit of Oblivion in New World

The Rapier is one of New World players’ favorite weapon types and for good reason, as it is great at providing quick bursts of lethal damage to enemies and spreading the Bleeding status effect. Pairing the Spirit of Oblivion with either a Bow or a Musket makes for a deadly PvP build.

What makes the Frost Fairy’s Gift good?

The Spirit of Oblivion is one of the best Rapiers in New World. It has a gear score of 550, with a base damage of 236 and a 5% chance of dealing critical damage.

Additionally, this legendary weapon comes with a lot of cool perks:

  • 18 Strength
  • 9 Dexterity
  • Leeching Flurry: Each hit of Furry will convert 26.4% of the damage you cause into HP.
  • Mortal Energy: You gain 13.2 stamina when you kill anything.
  • Luck: An increase of the chance to find rare items in chests and monsters by 2.5%.

Where to find the Spirit of Oblivion in New World

The Spirit of Oblivion cannot be crafted, but you can easily get it by completing the Blight Resistance quest. All you have to do in this quest is collect a Blight Sample from the Hidden Strain and then defeat its last protector, Fay. Then bring a piece of Fay’s remains to Ranger Herath in Shattered Mountain and he will reward you with this legendary weapon.

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