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How to get the Subzero Spear in New World

Spears are strong choices for both PvP and PvE in New World. With strong single-target crowd control and high ramping damage potential, they are great in most situations. Here is how to get the Subzero Spear in New World.

What makes the Subzero Spear good?

Spears in New World scale 90% from Dexterity and 65% from Strength. The Subzero Spear comes with a bonus +30 Dexterity, meaning it has the maximum attribute-based damage bonus possible. It also comes slotted with a Pristine Aquamarine Gem, giving it the bonus Frozen IV. This converts 50% of the damage to Ice. Due to this, the Subzero Spear can be a suitable weapon for those who are mostly specced into Intelligence.

The Subzero Spear also comes with these perks:

  • Chain Ice, which causes basic attacks to trigger an Ice Chain that bounces between enemies (2 second cooldown).
  • Refreshing Evasion, which reduces active cooldowns by 0.96% after dodging.
  • Mortal Lifesteal, returning 4.8% health when getting a kill (5 second cooldown).

Where to find the Subzero Spear in New World

This spear can be dropped by three enemies in New World. All three of these enemies can be found within the Garden of Genesis expedition. They all are Angry Earth enemies, meaning they take extra damage from Fire and Slash sources.

The Subzero Spear is Bind on Pickup, so you cannot trade it or buy it from the Trading Post.

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