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How to get the Vengeance Blast Musket in New World

The Vengeance Blast is one of the best Muskets available in New World. Getting this weapon is fairly easy, but still requires completing a level 60 expedition. Here is everything you need to know to get the Vengeance Blast Musket in New World.

What makes the Vengeance Blast musket good?

The Vengeance Blast is one of the legendary Muskets available in New World. Unlike the Musket of Unseen Power, it does not require any crafting skill or a tremendous amount of money to get it from the Trading Post. With a gear level of 580, the Vengeance Blast is a powerful weapon, packed with interesting perks for ranged damage dealers.

The Vengeance Blast has the following perks:

  • Mortal Refreshment reduces all cooldowns by 5% when you kill something and can trigger every 5 seconds.
  • Enchanted increases the damage of Light and Heavy attacks by 9.4%.
  • Lifestealing restores 1.4% of your damage as health. This perk does not trigger off of persistent damage or DoT effects.

Where to find the Vengeance Blast musket in New World

The Vengeance Blast is the reward for completing the Baetylus Headpiece (Expedition) quest. You can get this quest from Leyson Reese, a Soulwarden Watcher located in the Shattered Moutain. He will ask you to defeat Cilla in the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition and collect the Naga Headdress.

Leyson Reese will give you the Lazarus Tuning Orb, allowing you to access the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition. This Expedition, located North of the Reekwater settlement, is not an easy one. Make sure to be level 60 and have at least decent gear before entering. Cilla is the first boss of the Expedition. Once the boss is dead, collect the Naga Headdress and go back to Leyson Reese to get the Vengeance Blast.

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