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How to get the Voidroot Void Gauntlet in New World

Void Gauntlets are versatile weapons, able to deal ranged and melee damage as well as provide healing to allies. The Voidroot put the emphasis on crowd control, slowing enemies while dealing AoE damage. Here is how to get the Voidroot Void Gauntlet in New World.

What makes the Voidroot Void Gauntlet good?

Void Gauntlets damage scale with Intelligence, while the healing capacities use Focus. The Voidroot increases both these statistics, granting +20 Intelligence and +10 Focus.

The Voidroot Void Gauntlet comes with the following perks:

  • Angry Earth Bane deals +14% damage to Angry Earth enemies.
  • Slowing Tether makes Baleful Tether inflicts Slow on a successful hit, reducing the target’s movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
  • Chain Arcane makes basic attack hits trigger an Arcane chain that bounces between close targets, with a 2-second cooldown.

It also packs a Cruel IV gemstone, increasing damage by +12% against targets with an active Crowd Control status effect.

Where to find the Voidroot Void Gauntlet in New World

The Voidroot drops from Cael, a level 62 Angry Earth located in Elden Grove. You can find this enemy near the middle of this zone, in the Genesis of Malevolence area. Cael is a Dryad Shaman that is weak against Fire and Slash, but pretty resistant to Lightning and Thrust.

Besides the Voidroot, Cael has a chance of dropping two other legendary weapons: the Herald’s Signal Fire Bow and the Calm of Cael Life Staff.

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