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How to get the Volcano Smasher War Hammer in New World

War Hammers are a favorite weapon type for tanks and bruisers in New World. This is due to their crowd control and Taunt compatibility. Here is how to get the Volcano Smasher War Hammer in New World.

What makes the Volcano Smasher War Hammer good?

Volcano Smasher drops with a bonus of 30 Strength. This makes it a good main hand weapon for tanks who are mainly specced into the Constitution attribute. In its gem slot, it has a Pristine Jasper. This gives it Retaliate IV, which grants +15% more damage after receiving 3 hits.

The Volcano Smasher War Hammer also comes with these perks:

  • Mortal Lifesteal, when you kill something gain 4.8% health (5 second cooldown).
  • Lifestealing, you gain 5% of your damage as health.
  • Mortal Energy, when you kill something gain 14 Stamina (5 second cooldown).

Where to find the Volcano Smasher War Hammer in New World

Volcano Smasher only drops from Leviathan of the Deep, a level 66 enemy found in Shattered Mountain. You can find the Leviathan of the Deep at the end of Ambusti Superior within the Scorched Mines. He has a fairly large health pool, so a full group with a healer and a tank is recommended. He also takes bonus damage from Nature, Thrust and Arcane sources.

This weapon is Bind on Pickup, so you cannot buy it from the Trading Post or trade it with other players.

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