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How to get the Winter Wish Ice Gauntlet in New World

Ice Gauntlets are powerful weapons in New World, able to deal massive damage and slow enemies down. The Winter Wish is a legendary Ice Gauntlets available in New World, focused on dealing critical hit damage and gaining bonuses from slowed targets. Here is what makes the Winter Wish Ice Gauntlet good and where to get it.

What makes the Winter Wish Ice Gauntlet good?

Winter Wish comes with bonus Intelligence, which is the attribute that its damage scales off of. It also comes slotted with a Malachite gem, dealing more damage to enemies who are slowed, rooted, or stunned. Most of the abilities on the Ice Gauntlet can apply a slow, so you will be benefitting from this bonus a lot.

The Winter Wish Ice Gauntlet comes with the following perks:

  • Chain Ice, which causes basic attacks to trigger a chain attack between enemies.
  • Vicious, which increases critical hit damage.
  • Keen, which increases critical hit chance.

Where to find the Winter Wish Ice Gauntlet in New World

To get the Winter Wish Ice Gauntlet in New World, you will need to defeat Alluvium Marl – also known as the Caretaker – in the Garden of Genesis Expedition. Slash and Fire damage are extra effective against this opponent, inflicting 20% and 30% bonus damage respectively. Marl has a decent-sized loot pool, so it may take a couple of runs before the Winter Wish drops.

The Winter Wish is bound on pickup, so you cannot trade it with other players or buy it from the Trading Post.

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