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How to get the Woodswarden War Hammer in New World

New World has many weapons that have unique playstyles. The War Hammer is one of the most versatile weapons, offering high crowd control and also the highest damage on heavy attacks. Here is how to get the Woodswarden War Hammer in New World.

What makes the Woodswarden War Hammer good?

War Hammers in New World scale solely off of Strength, which is boosted by 30 on Woodswarden. With this you will have a solid boost to your damage off of attacks and abilities. It also comes slotted with a Malachite gem, increasing the damage you deal against enemies affected by crowd control. This can easily be activated off your abilities like Clear Out, Shockwave, and Path of Destiny.

The Woodswarden War Hammer comes with these perks as well:

  • Keenly Fortified, gain 10% Fortify upon landing a critical hit.
  • Keen, increased critical hit chance by 11%.
  • Vicious, increased critical hit damage 11%.

Where to find the Woodswarden Warhammer in New World

Woodswarden drops from the Garden of Genesis expedition. The specific boss you will want to farm is the Blighted Greenskeeper. Bring your Fire and Slash type damage weapons, as these deal bonus damage against Angry Earth enemy types in New World. Avoid using Lightning and Thrust type weapons as these deal less damage.

This legendary is Bind on Pickup, so it cannot be traded or purchased from the Trading Post.

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