How to host custom games in Among Us

Among Us is the new craze. In a world of social distancing, this game will make you want to keep social distancing, as anyone could kill you at any point of time. Without turning this into social commentary against the backdrop of the current pandemic, we’re going to give you the best host settings for a standard game of Among Us.

How many Imposters does your game need?

There are a few simple questions you need to ask yourself if you’re hosting a game for your friends.

  • How many players?
  • How new are the players?
  • How much do you hate yourself and your friends?

If your lobby has 6-7 people, no matter the skillset or familiarity, you won’t want more than one Imposter. Say your lobby is filled with super casual gamers who’ll need a few rounds to warm up to Among Us – in that case you might want to stick with one Imposter. Keeping to one Imposter is usually the safe bet. Reserve double Imposter games for when you host a full lobby of players who know Among Us well.

the imposter among us kill

There are almost no circumstances where you should host a game with three Imposters. The only way to make it work is to dial up the kill timer to a silly amount, or reduce the amount of tasks that need to be completed.

What map should you play?

It honestly doesn’t matter since most players aren’t comfortable anywhere. The Skeld is well balanced and the first option, so stick to that for now.

Emergency Meetings

Keep Emergency Meetings at two. One is the default setting for hosting an Among Us custom game, but it’s totally within reason for The Imposter to waste an Emergency Meeting. Give yourself an extra lifeline.

Confirm Eject

This setting lets players know if they’ve ejected The Imposter in a meeting. This is only uselful for games with 2+ Imposters. Should you use it? It’s tough to say. Confirm Eject is a great setting for newer players who aren’t confident in games like these. Keeping it on definitely leaves the difficulty level on the easier side.

Vision and Speed

Don’t mess with the vision settings. The Imposter should always have a slight vision advantage. Speed is a preference, but I wouldn’t crank the speed up too high. 1.5x is great, but I wouldn’t go faster than 2x.

among us visual task scan skeld
A visual task in Among Us

Voting time

90 seconds. Debates shouldn’t take longer than a minute and a half.


Visual tasks are a double-edged sword. You can die while doing a visual task, but it also confirms to everyone else that you aren’t an Imposter if someone’s there to witness. As far as the number of tasks: 1 common task, 1 long task, and 3-4 short tasks depending on lobby size and the players’ general familiarity with Among Us.

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