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How to invite villagers in the Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise DLC

The Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise DLC brought us many new features, including the ability to invite villagers from our island to the resort. But inviting them over is not as simple as talking to them. Let’s see how you can invite villagers in Happy Home Paradise. 

First you must be at the resort in Happy Home Paradise, and go into the main building where Loti and the shop is. In the bottom left corner there is a special stand that sells Souvenir Chocolates, and you can buy one for 800 Poki or three for 2,000 Poki. 


Now you can take these Souvenir Chocolates back to your home island whenever you are ready. Once you are back home you can talk to any Villager and you will have an option to give them a gift. You do not have to worry about your friendship level with villagers.

There will always be an option to give a Village some Souvenir Chocolates. The Villager will ask if you want to go to the island after receiving the Souvenir Chocolates, and if you say yes you will immediately go to the resort island with the Villager. 

Once you are on the island your Villager will explore and wander around. But that’s not all you can do with them. If you start working you can talk to the Villager and build them a vacation home. Everything will proceed normally as if you were making a vacation home to any visitor on the island. The Villager will have a theme in mind for their vacation home, or you can make your own theme if you have that feature unlocked.


The best thing about making vacation homes for your villagers is that you will always be able to talk to them here. Currently, some players do not want to let certain villagers move away from their islands because then those villagers will never be seen again. But by making a vacation home for a villager you will always be able to see them, even if they move off your island. Of course, you will no longer be able to give them gifts, receive gifts, or send them mail. So make sure to get their photo before letting them move off your island.  

You can only invite one villager at a time to the resort island. But if you go back home you can gift another villager a Souvenir Chocolate to take them to the island. The only thing you cannot do is invite the same villager to the island multiple times a day. If the villager has a vacation home built though you can find them wandering the island without having to invite them over.

It is also possible to gift a villager a Souvenir Chocolate, but not invite them over. You just have to decline their request when they ask. 

This is how you can invite villagers in the Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise DLC so they never have to move away for good. Stay tuned for more Animal Crossing New Horizons guides!

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