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The trolls in Valheim are simultaneously intimidating and hilarious looking, and can kill your character swiftly if you’re not fully prepared. Their funny appearance aside – just look at their stubby legs and really long arms – stumbling onto trolls in Valheim always leads to a difficult encounter, whether playing solo or in a group. We will highlight some basic strategies and loadouts so you can start collecting those valuable troll hides.

Stay away from trees

It’s silly to ask you to stay away from trees considering trolls spawn in the Black Forest. If you can help it, try to kite your troll back into some open fields. Trees are your greatest enemy in Valheim early on, so eliminate the possibility of dying from an AoE troll attack that fell some trees onto your squishy body.

The troll’s nest might be the safest environment to fight, given the open space and indestructible environment. We get it, it’s dark and scary, but you should take the fight to the troll.

Roll like it’s Dark Souls

The troll’s attacks are large and clunky. It’ll be fairly obvious when it winds up its attack, so tuck and roll out of the way. Rolling is key if you’re soloing the troll, since avoiding all damage is better than mitigating part of it with a block. Just channel your sweaty inner-Dark Souls player.

Aim for the head

The bow and arrow are your safer bet to take down the hulking troll. There isn’t a compendium or lore book to show the troll’s weaknesses, but it’s fairly obvious that a well placed shot to the head will stun the troll. This will open up some attacks of opportunity for your teammates, or give you time to distance yourself.

Working towards that complete suit of troll armor… #goals from valheim

Gear up

It’s difficult to take on trolls early on in Valheim, so make sure your gear gives you at least a fighting chance. Armor makes little difference with the massive damage the troll dishes out, but you’re better off kitted out in leather gear than the rags you started off with. A flint spear and bow and arrow set also should be the bare minimum you bring into battle. If you can craft enough of them, try to bring in some flame arrows. Fire does passive damage when the flame arrows connect, so you might need fewer shots than you’d typically have to make with the standard crude bow and wood arrow set.

Standard zero-star trolls in Valheim have 600 HP, so you want to whittle that down as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. Also, make sure you’re going into battle with a full stomach and health bar. All it takes is a few unblocked hits from the troll to take you out.

Take out the pests first

You can sometimes stumble into a horde of Greydwarfs while fighting a troll. While the big guy is always a pressing threat, try to make sure there are as few other enemies as possible. Killing off the surrounding enemies will go a long way if you can keep kiting and dodging troll attacks at the same time. It’s a tall order, but it increases your chances of survival.

Teamwork makes the dream work

A lot of the battles in Valheim revolve around teamwork: one person kites as the others attack. Just like in the Eikthyr boss battle, try to keep the troll’s aggro on one player, and swap with them if they take a massive hit. You might not have access to a shield yet, so try to avoid blocking hits from the troll if possible, and don’t try to land too many attacks in a row leaving yourself exposed.

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