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How to level up the Mages Guild in ESO | The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Anyone going for a Magicka build in ESO is bound to level up the Mages Guild, because the skill line is too powerful to be ignored. However, a lot of players – myself included – may be having an incredibly hard time leveling it up. So, how do you level up the Mages Guild in ESO? Let’s find out.

Joining the Mages Guild

To join the Mages Guild, you have to travel to the first major city you encounter in your home alliance.

If you are in the Aldmeri Dominion, you will have to head on over to Vulkhel Guard and speak to Magister Curinure. If you chose the Ebonheart Pact, then you will have to speak to Rudrasa in Davon’s Watch. Last but not least, if you’re in Daggerfall Covenant, you will need to go to Glenumbra and speak to Nemarc. They will give you a quest that will tell you all about the Mages Guild, and then you will be accepted almost instantly.

How to level up the Mages Guild in ESO

There are 10 ranks, a.k.a. levels, in the Mages Guild, and you’ll need a certain amount of Reputation to level up to each rank:

How to level up the Mages Guild in ESO

In order to level up the Mages Guild in ESO, you will have to combine the Guild’s quests and Lorebook search.

The Mages’ Questline has six quests, starting with the Long Lost Lore and ending with The Arch-Mage’s Boon. Sadly, you won’t get enough Reputation from the questline, so your only other way to rank up is by finding Lorebooks. Each Lorebook provides 5 Reputation, and completing a collection of Lorebooks provides 20 Reputation.

These Lorebooks are spread out through the entire world of The Elder Scrolls Online, and they can be a pain to find, but luckily for you, some great members of the ESO community have developed an awesome mod that will point down every Lorebook location in your map.

Once you’ve installed the mod, all you have to do is chase down the Lorebooks. Do keep in mind that some Lorebooks can only be found inside delves and dungeons. My advice is to start with small areas, like Khenarthi’s Roost, and then make your way through bigger areas.

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