How to make money in Albion Online with chests

There are countless ways to make money in Albion Online, and today we are going to explore you can take advantage of chests.

What’s inside a chest

There is a lot to gain from chests, as they offer what is currently available on the Albion Online black market. There is no limit to what you can get from a chest, from armor and weapons to awesome artifacts that allow you to craft high value gear.

How to get chests

Chests used to be ignored by many players, and only a few dedicated their time to collecting their loot. However, recently something changed, and player attitudes towards chests shifted. I am not quite sure what happened; perhaps a big YouTuber or streamer showed off their value. Whatever the case may be, now you can find players fighting for the chests at all times.

So, how do you find chests in Albion Online? Unfortunately, getting them can be time-consuming, as you have to wait for them to pop up on the map and then head straight there.

The thing about chests is that they are always located in zones where PvP is allowed, meaning yellow, red, and black zones. That said, hunting for a chest is like reaching for one bone in the middle of a pack of hungry dogs: you just know you have to fight for it, and probably get bitten. The higher the chest tier, the more competition you’ll have.

Are chests worth it?

It depends. For players who rock at PvP in Albion Online, have a good build that they can use properly, and are super familiar with fighting outnumbered, the answer is YES. If you’re up to the challenge, chests are totally worth going for.

But to new Albion Online players or players who can’t handle PvP, I would recommend to stay away from chests, as you will very likely end up dying and consequently losing all your items. If you want to give it shot anyway, try to always team up with friends to give yourself a fighting chance.

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