How to make the ghost angry in Phasmophobia

Swearing at the ghost won't make it extra angry

Making ghosts angry in Phasmophobia is a little bit like poking a bear in the woods. They will kill you. While making the spirits angry proves that you have a bit of a death wish, it also often helps you see what the ghost is really about.

The whole point of Phasmophobia is to find the ghost and identify it, hoping to get some extra evidence along the way. Some ghosts will not show their face until they’re a little upset. We take a look at some ways to make the ghost angry in Phasmophobia.

Talk a lot

Most people have been told to shut up at some point in their life. Talking too much can upset some people, and that same rule applies to making the ghost angry in Phasmophobia.

When you first booted up Phasmophobia, you let the game to connect to your microphone. This is essential part of the game, as you have to communicate with the ghost. What new players might not realize, is that the ghost is always listening.

I cannot emphasize “always” enough. It doesn’t matter if you use in-game chat or Discord, your mic is always on, and the ghost is always listening to every word. The more noise you make, the angrier and more aggro the ghost gets. Ask it a billion questions through the Spirit Box if you really want to ruffle its feathers, or shut up if you’re not quite ready to be the target of a Hunt.

Call it by its name

The white board in the truck gives a quick briefing on what type of ghost to expect. Some of the information details how aggressive it is, and what might trigger its appearances. Oftentimes, a name will be associated with the ghost. If the white board mentions that saying its name will only make the ghost angrier, don’t say its name until you’re ready. This goes for using the push-to-talk to interact with the ghost or even saying its name in voice chat.

When the guy in the van says the ghost’s name over the radio and the lights flicker: from PhasmophobiaGame

Use the Ouija board

If you decide to ask the ghost questions through the Ouija Board, expect an answer. The Ouija Board is interactive and lets you spell out what you want to ask the ghost. There isn’t much to say here, other than that communicating with the ghost will make it angry.

Be strategic when you want to start seeing ghosts. Phasmophobia is pretty savage when it comes to eliminating your team of fellow ghost hunters. It’s not like the movement is quick, fluid, and highly responsive when you need to boogie into a locker or closet during a Hunt.

Making a ghost angry also increases the risk of frequent appearances when you are trying to gather evidence. So chat at your own risk, and try to play it safe. Post game insurance money doesn’t even come close to the cash flow you would be getting for risking your life to snap some spectral photos.

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