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Amber is the newest legendary Brawler to join the Brawl Stars roster. Wielding the power of fire, she really heats up the battlefield. Here is how to play Amber in Brawl Stars.

Amber’s kit

Attack: Dragon’s Breath fires a continuous stream of flames that can pierce multiple enemies. Amber’s ammo bar is one large meter that can hold up to 40 flames. This meter drains when Dragon’s Breath is used.

Super: Torch ‘Em! makes Amber throw a bottle of fire fluid that leaves a trail in the area that it travels. When it lands on the ground, it creates a large puddle that can be activated by Dragon’s Breath. Once ignited, it burns enemies that come in contact with the puddle, dealing damage over time.

Gadget: Fire Starter gives Amber a movement speed boost for 3 seconds, and causes her to leave behind a trail of fire fluid. This trail works identical to Amber’s super, and can be ignited with her attack.

Star Power: Wild Flames allows Amber to place down 2 fire fluid puddles instead of one. Dropping a 3rd fire fluid puddle will remove the oldest puddle. While standing in fire fluid, Amber’s super charges by 5% per second.

Tips on using Amber in Brawl Stars

Amber’s kit makes her a strong damage dealer, but also excellent for zone control. With Torch ‘Em! Amber can cover an ally’s retreat, or offensively force enemies out of bushes. Amber’s gadget, Fire Starterm is great for connecting multiple fire fluid puddles for even more area control.

Because Dragon’s Breath has a wind up time, you should aim where your enemies will be instead of using auto-aim. This help you deal more damage and waste less ammo.

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