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How to play Ash in Brawl Stars

Ash is a new Chromatic Brawler in Brawl Stars and he has some temper issues. He gets mad quite easily having to clean up all the junk and trash around the park, and you get to help him take his emotions out on enemy Brawlers. Here is everything you need to know about Ash in Brawl Stars.

Ash’s kit

Trait: Whenever Ash receives or deals damage, he starts to build up Rage. This has three parts, with each complete stack giving Ash more movement speed and damage on his Attack.

Attack: Smashing his broom down, Ash sends forth a shockwave of dust that pierces enemies. It has a quick reload time.

Super: Ash tosses out five robotic rats called Little Helpers, which then chase down nearby enemies. Upon finding an enemy, they explode in a small area of effect.

Gadget: Chill Pill causes Ash to heal for an amount based on his current Rage, up to a maximum of 2500 health. However, Ash’s Rage meter is reset after using this gadget.

Star Power: First Bash doubles the amount of Rage gained when you attack with a full ammo bar.

Tips on playing Ash in Brawl Stars

Ash is classified as a Heavyweight brawler, meaning he has a larger health pool than most Brawlers. However, this means he needs to get closer to deal damage. Building up Rage is a great way to close this gap with the increased movement speed it provides.

Ash’ Little Helpers are great for flushing out enemies from bushes. The rats can also often force enemies to attack them instead of the Ash player, unless they want to take extra damage. The rats are also great for blocking projectiles such as a charged shot from Bea or a max range Piper shot.

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