How to play Belle in Brawl Stars

Belle is a new Chromatic Brawler which was added with The Goldarm Gang update. She is a Sharpshooter who helps her team dish out more damage with her Super. Here is everything you need to know about Belle in Brawl Stars.

Belle’s kit

Attack: Shocker shoots a long range electro-bolt. After a second, it will bounce to a nearby enemy within 3 tiles.

Super: Belle’s Spotter fires a low damage shot that marks an enemy. The marked enemy takes 35% extra damage and this mark lasts until they die or another enemy is marked. Only one mark can be activate at a time.

Gadget: Belle deploys a bear trap that will become invisible after a little while. Enemies who trigger the trap take 500 damage and are slowed for 3 seconds. Multiple traps can be placed around the map.

Star Power: Positive Feedback allows Belle to generate a small shield when hitting an enemy with Shocker. This shield cannot stack, and does not benefit from bounce shots.

Tips on playing Belle in Brawl Stars

Belle has one of the longest consistent ranges in the game, but it comes at a cost. Unlike Piper, she lacks a movement ability to escape close range Brawlers who dive her. She also has relatively low health. The Spotter Super can be used to mark enemies diving you, forcing them to fall back or face certain death. Positive Feedback better prepares you for 1-on-1 scenarios.

Belle favors game modes where she can fight from a distance. In Siege, her Super can be used to quickly shut down enemy robots pushing. Maps with choke points are great for her traps, which make enemies vulnerable to the rest of her team.

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