How to play Bloodborne PSX on PC

Yharnam looks a little bit different...

After seven years of waiting, Bloodborne fans can finally play the game on PC… in the form of Bloodborne PSX, that is – but hey, at least it’s free.

Bloodborne PSX is a  fan-made demake of the original, offering players all the same atmosphere and scares in a nice, small, and resource-light package. Okay, it’s not the exact same – but it’s still really cool. Many of the iconic locations are recreated in that glorious PlayStation aesthetic, and the mechanics of the original are scaled down for a more survival-horroresque experience. It also has local and online multiplayer if you’re looking to enjoy the game with friends – or if you need help. I won’t judge.

Bloodborne PSX can be downloaded for free from developer b0tster’s page. It just requires a quick unzip and you’re ready to go and fight the various beasts of Yharnam. Make sure to copy the controls from the game’s site, because they cannot be re-bound in the game.

The game should last you a good few hours and satisfy that Soulsborne-slash-Soulslike itch for a while. If you’re a big fan of Bloodborne and old-school PlayStation games, it’s definitely worth a try. Sure, it’s not the full game, but it’s all we have on PC for now. Maybe an official port will come soon… or not.

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