How to play Byron in Brawl Stars

Byron is the third main healer to be added to Brawl Stars. His attack applies a poison to his enemies, but it can also be used to heal his fellow Brawlers. Byron struggles holding his own in 1v1 situations, but he is great team player. Here is how to play Byron in Brawl Stars.

Byron’s kit

Attack: Careful Dose launches a long range dart that can hit both enemies and teammates. If Careful Dose hits an enemy, it applies a damage over time that ticks three times. If it hits an ally, it heals them overtime. These attacks can be stacked on both enemies and allies. Auto-aim prioritizes damaging enemies over healing allies.

Super: When Byron activates Full Treament, he throws out a vial that can be tossed over walls. It splashes in a 2.67 tile radius, healing allies and damaging enemies. If it deals damage to enemies, it starts charging the next Super. It does not charge by healing allies, however.

Gadget: Shot in the Arm allows Byron to consume one of his ammo to self heal. He heals himself for 800 health over 3 seconds. It takes the same amount of time to use Shot in the Arm as it takes to fire an attack.

Star Power: Malaise adds a 50% heal reduction to Byron’s super. This healing reduction stays on the enemy for 9 seconds. Malaise reduces all healing, including healing from Gadgets, Star Powers, and self regeneration.

Tips on playing Byron in Brawl Stars

Byron’s low health pool and low damage output make him vulnerable when left alone. Make sure to stay buddied up and avoid taking fights by yourself Byron is not a great Brawler to use in Solo Showdown.

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