How to play Colonel Ruffs in Brawl Stars

Colonel Ruffs was just added to Brawl Stars with the Starr Force update. He is a support class Brawler who provides cover fire while buffing his teammates with his Supply Drop. Here is everything you need to know about Colonel Ruffs in Brawl Stars.

Colonel Ruffs’ kit

Attack: Double-Barrel Laser fires off two lasers parallel to each each other. They can bounce off walls up to 3 times, allowing you to hit enemies behind cover. Bouncing the lasers increases their range.

Super: Ruffs calls down a Supply Drop that deals damage to enemies within its impact zone. This impact also knocks enemies back. A Power Up appears afterwards, which can be picked up by Colonel Ruffs or his teammates. This buff boosts attack damage by 20% and increases health by 700. This buff cannot stack and is lost on death.

Gadget: His gadget is called Take Cover. It spawns 3 sandbags in a triangle formation around him. These sandbags cannot be moved and have 2000 health each. It can block any non-piercing enemy fire.

Star Power: Air Superiority adds a bomb to Colonel Ruffs’ Supply Drop. This bomb adds an additional 1000 damage and gives it the ability to destroy walls and bushes.

Tips on playing Colonel Ruffs in Brawl Stars

Although he is a support Brawler, Colonel Ruffs has fairly strong offensive capabilities. Double-Barrel Laser is great for quick bursts of damage. This can further be boosted if you pick up the buff from Supply Drop. The buff from Supply Drop can also be used to heal you or your teammates in a quick pinch.

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