How to play Edgar in Brawl Stars

Edgar is a new Epic Brawler in Brawl Stars. Fighting with his scarf, Edgar excels at one-on-one combat against squishy targets. However, he can be easily overwhelmed by high health brawlers. Here is how to play Edgar in Brawl Stars.

Edgar’s kit

Attack: With Fight Club Edgar throws out 2 short range punches that heal him for 25% of the damage. The extremely short range means you need to be right on the enemy to deal maximum damage.

Super: Vault launches Edgar into the air and he lands a short distance away. Upon landing, he gets a movement speed buff for 2.5 seconds. Vault also passively charges over time in a way similar to Darryl’s Super.

Gadget: Let’s Fly increases the rate at which Edgar’s super charges. This increase only affects the passive charge, and not the charge rate from his attacks. The rate increase lasts for 3 seconds. The charge ramps up to 26.4% from the base recharge of 3.3% per second.

Star Power: Hard Landing adds damage to Vault when Edgar lands. This deals 1000 damage and damages enemies in a 3 tile radius. Hard Landing allows Edgar to be more aggressive with his Super, and helps him shut down squishy targets.

Tips on using Edgar in Brawl Stars

As an assassin, Edgar is best used to dive throwers and sharpshooters. With his Super he can easily close the gap, and most of his preferred targets do not have a way to escape. However, you should avoid fighting more than one opponent at a time. Also avoid fighting high health enemies.

In Brawl Ball, Edgar can dribble the ball by tossing it forward and then using his Super to jump to it. The only other characters that can do this are El Primo and Darryl. His Super also is useful in Gem Grab, where Edgar can pick up gems and quickly retreat.

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