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How to play Griff in Brawl Stars

Griff is a new Mythic Brawler in Brawl Stars. He is the owner of the Starr Park Gift Shop and fights with his money. Originally only dropping after completing the Griff Challenge, Griff can now be obtained from Brawl Boxes. Here is everything you need to know about Griff in Brawl Stars.

Griff’s kit

Attack: Coin Toss fires in three waves, creating a cone-shaped pattern. The closer the enemy is, the more coins will land on target, dealing higher damage.

Super: Griff throws out bills that return after a short delay. They deal damage as they travel and as they return to Griff. The farther away enemies are, the more damage the bills do.

Gadget: Piggy Bank drops an explosive piggy that destroys nearby obstacles and damages enemies caught in the blast.

Star Power: Griff has two Star Powers in Brawl Stars currently. Keep the Change reduces the time it takes to fire off a full salvo of his Coin Toss, making it easier to land more of the attack’s damage. Business Resilience gives Griff a passive heal that works even while he is dealing damage or attacking.

Tips on playing Griff in Brawl Stars

Griff needs to watch his range at all times. He struggles at longer ranges due to the slow unload speed of his attack. At close range he can deal high burst damage with his attack, but his Super is less effective. Finding a healthy medium ground will help you maximize Griff’s damage output.

Between his high damage output and area denial, Griff is a strong pick for Heist. Some of the other game modes he excels in include Hot Zone, Gem Grab, and Siege. Both the Piggy Bank gadget and his Cashback Super are strong offensively and defensively.

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