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How to play Jungle Invader Support | League of Legends Guide

It's support, but incredibly annoying.

We all know that the support role has never exactly been popular in League of Legends. This is simply because a support player doesn’t deal much damage, instead either taking it or healing it back, which just isn’t as glamorous as getting pentakills and taking objectives. However, it’s still crucial to have such a player on the team if you want to have a chance to win in the mid and late game. So, how do you make playing support in League of Legends more fun? By becoming as irritating as possible.

To put it short and simple: the point is to follow the enemy jungler around, harass them, and take their farm. It seems like a great idea at first but if you start thinking of ways this can go wrong you will quickly realize that this is for more advanced players. However, if you dedicate yourself and get it down right then there will be no stopping you.

Now, let me preface this by saying that this method of playing support in League of Legends isn’t popular just yet, so you won’t find it in many of your matches.

A new way to play support
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What do you need to begin with?

Before you can even get into a game where you play this way you will need to find yourself an ADC who is willing to go along with this kind of support play. Since this isn’t a trend yet people will think that you’re trolling at first, so you will need someone on the bottom lane who trusts you and won’t ragequit when you disappear into the enemy jungle.

The second most important thing is your Champion. Ranged champions are much safer options for this kind of tactic, but if you can find a character that does well both as a jungler and as a support then you are golden. Some of the most promising options are Malphite, Brand, and Swain. Once you get comfortable with these then you can move onto Champions which might be slightly more difficult but also more rewarding.

Oh, and most importantly: Smite. Do not try and play like this without Smite.

So how do you play as the peskiest support ever?

You start out the game by invading the enemy jungle. Alone. Your ADC has to be on their lane and your jungler has to be focused on their own thing, you aren’t supposed to take away resources and time from them. The best-case scenario is that you find the enemy jungler immediately and can place a Ward next to the camp without their knowledge.

How to play as the most annoying support
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In the picture above you can clearly see that everyone is doing their thing, while the support is completely on their own trying to take the Red. In a better situation, they would be able to see the health of the Red camp, but they make do with what they have. This is where practice makes a difference. With the advantage of having played jungler long enough to have a feel for how long it takes to kill each monster this early in the game, you can pull this off.

At this point, the enemy has already seen the invader and is trying to keep them at bay but since Nunu has quite a bit of damage and mobility even this early on: he can just waltz up, use Consume and Smite, and be out of there. At this stage, you need something that can escape easily since you don’t want to use your Flash just yet.

After this, you shouldn’t be running back to your own jungle or the bottom lane. In an ideal scenario, the enemy doesn’t chase you after the river since you will be long gone by then. This is exactly why you need mobility in the early game.

Next up you will need to see where the jungler goes. If you managed to take the buff then you are now already the most annoying player in the game and are on your way to becoming the most annoying support the enemy team has ever seen. So don’t let that advantage go.

Use your Wards and figure out where they go next, follow enemies and take their buffs, and their camps. While doing this you will cross the middle lane quite often, which is a great opportunity for ganks. However, if you do your job well and keep the enemy jungler in check then you will easily be able to do counter ganks as well, not to mention the fact that since you’re spending a ton of time in the enemy jungle you will be able to provide deep vision for your team.

Unfortunately, after this stage everything is situational, and since we don’t have much experience with this method of support play I can’t give you much guidance. If you know how jungling works then you will easily get the feel for this.

How to play as the most annoying support
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The downsides

There are quite a few, so buckle up. First of all, if you can’t take the first buff – or worse, you die while trying to do so – then you shouldn’t continue on with this method. It will only feed the enemy while also letting the bottom lane be pushed in, meaning a bunch of extra gold for the opposing team. If you fall off in the first couple of minutes, you have to stop, unless you are willing to lose the game.

Secondly, if your ADC can’t play safe and hold their own for at least fifteen minutes, then you won’t be able to get an advantage. A weak ADC will only feed the enemy bottom lane, which will result in a catastrophic mid and late game for you. If you see that they are dying constantly and letting their turret be taken you either need to go back to playing as a normal support, or play with another person in the next match.

The worst part will be the enemy team trying to come for you once they see what you are doing. If you aren’t playing in Iron, Bronze, or Silver, then the enemy will quickly realize that the way to stop you is by cornering you in their jungle and punishing you for invading so often and so effectively. This is the main reason why Flash is so important if you try and play like this.

But what’s really the most difficult aspect of playing this annoying support style as a regular player is knowing when to start playing the regular way again. It’s great to be strong and have an advantage but unless you are the one carrying you need to start playing as an actual support and be there for your team.

Final thoughts

This way of playing support in League of Legends is very risky and people don’t quite know what they are doing with it just yet. But it can be incredibly fun, so at the very least you can try and see how much you can achieve. With enough practice, it can be more fun and rewarding for you than the regular way of playing support.

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