How to play Lou in Brawl Stars

Lou is a support class Brawler in Brawl Stars. This cool guy tosses out snow cones that can freeze his enemies. Here is how to play Lou in Brawl Stars.

Lou’s kit

Attack: Lou tosses out 3 snow cones in a straight line. These attacks apply Frost stacks on enemies. If his enemies get hit by 7 snow cones, they become frozen and stunned in place for 1 second. If Frost is not applied for 2 seconds, the Frost meter will begin to deplete.

Super: When Lou activates Can-Do, he tosses out a can of cold syrup. This can creates a circle that slows enemies and can stop their movement if they change direction sharply.

Gadget: Lou’s Gadget is Ice Block. Lou encases himself in ice, becoming immune to all damage. He can still be affected by knockbacks and stuns. While Ice Block is active, Lou cannot move, attack or use his Super.

Star Power: Supercool causes Can-Do to also apply Frost stacks. This stacks with his Attack, so enemies who are inside his Super are frozen faster.

Tips on using Lou in Brawl Stars

Lou synnergizes well with other Brawlers who can take advantage of his stun. Long range allies as well as heavyweight teammates can get off their damage and build up their Super meter while he keeps enemies in place. Lou’s Super is great for zone control, and can easily cover objectives in Gamemodes like Gem Grab and Hot Zone.

Lou is also a strong counter to high mobility Brawlers like Max and Mortis. However, he is very reliant on his team for following up with damage. His attacks are high on utility, but lack punch. On a final note, he has one of the highest reload speeds in the game.

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