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Nani is one of the newer Brawlers in Brawl Stars and is classified as a Fighter. Her kit is fairly intricate, making her one of the harder to play Brawlers in the game. Here is everything you need to know to play Nani in Brawl Stars!

Nani’s kit

Attack: Trigger-Nometry sends out 3 orbs that arc out and converge on one point, creating a diamond shape. The apex of the diamond, where all three orbs collide, does the most damage. If the orbs don’t collide with something by the end of the range, they will continue for a short distance.

Super: Manual Override allows Nani to take control of Peep, which explodes on contact with terrain or an enemy Brawler. While controlling Peep, Nani stands completely still. This can make you an easy target for the enemy team.

Gadget: Warp Blast allows Nani to detonate Peep, causing her to teleport to Peep’s location. Using Warp Blast prevents Peep from doing damage on explosion.

Star Powers: Autofocus allows Peep to do more damage the farther he travels. This caps out at 2500 extra damage after Peep has traveled for 10 extra seconds. Tempered Steel gives Nani a shield while using Manual Override, reducing incoming damage by 80%.

Tips on playing Nani

When played properly, Nani can output a lot of damage, especially when combined with Autofocus, which can cause Manual Override to deal enough damage to wipe out low health Brawlers. Manual Override is best used while hiding in a bush, to reduce the chances of you being spotted by the enemy team. Warp Blast can be used to get behind enemy lines and flank. In order to deal the most amount of damage with Trigger-Nometry, lead your shots slightly in front of where the enemy is headed.

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