How to play Octavia in Paladins

Octavia is a new Damage champion joining the crew of Paladins at the end of March. She excels in the mid-range, with both defensive and offensive capabilities. Here is everything you need to know about Octavia in Paladins.


The Marksman Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that deals moderate damage. These shots can also deal headshot damage. The rifle has faster fire rate when not aiming down sights, but the damage decreases.

Designated Sights allows Octavia to aim down sights, increasing her accuracy. Octavia will stop in the air for up to 2.5 seconds if she aims down sights during Commanding Leap.

When Octavia deploys Distortion Field, she creates a dome that hides allies. It also disorients enemies, slowing their movement by 10%. She and her allies can see through the Distortion Field, while enemies cannot.

Commanding Leap launches Octavia in the air, giving her control of the battlefield. If she uses Designated Sights, she can levitate for a short duration.

Creeping Barrage has two parts. The initial targeting beam deals 100 damage and destroys shields that it comes into contact with. After the targeting has finished,12 beams rain down from the sky, dealing 850 damage and covering a large area in front of Octavia.

Passive Abilities

In addition to selecting talents at the beginning of the match, Octavia can also choose between 4 passive abilities for her and her teammates. You cannot change this ability during the match.

Commander’s Cooldown –  Decrease ability cooldowns by 10% for your team for the entire match.

Commander’s Credit –  For every 5 champions eliminated by your team, each member gains 100 credits.

Commander’s Shield –  Your team receives a 500 health shield upon respawning.

Commander’s Ultimate –  Your team gains a 15% increased ultimate rate charge for the entire match.


Hell or High Water – Upon landing with Commanding Leap, create a small pool underneath you that will heal both you and allies for 600 health over 1.5s. Octavia’s ammo is not consumed while standing within the field.

Display of Force -- Enemies are rooted in place for 1.5s when they are hit by the pre-fire beam, and Creeping Barrage deals 1450 damage.

Asymmetric Warfare – Distortion Field now damages enemies for 125 every 0.5s for the duration of Distortion Field, and heals allies for 75 every 0.5 seconds while inside of the field.

Strengths and weaknesses

As another long range hitscan champion, Octavia is bound to impact the Paladins meta right away. Her ability to create unexpected attack angles for herself with Commanding Leap is interesting, and creative players will find it very rewarding to snipe with her.

She is noticeably designed for team play, with her unique passives and Distortion Field mechanics greatly benefiting coordinated teams. Octavia can be extremely strong when five-stacking with four other players who already have the right card loadouts to synergize with her passives. Conversely, solo queuing with her could be risky.

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