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How to play Ronin | Rogue Company Guide

Ronin is not only one of the most flexible operators in Rogue Company, she is also extremely fun to play. Here’s everything you need to know about Ronin.

Why play Ronin?

Ronin can do everything. Her Ballistic Knife and loadout options let her hold objectives, deny cover, set up traps, force fights, and secure kills. With Berserker and Nimble Hands, she can stay on the move and pressure the enemy team continuously.

She has access to a flexible melee weapon, primary weapon options suited for either close quarters or mid-range combat, and both lethal and utility throwables. Her perk options are also a great combination of offense and survival.

The only reason not to play Ronin in Rogue Company would be if you are more of a strategic player who likes to hang back and play reactively. Ronin is better suited for creating situations, rather than responding to them.

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Playing as Ronin

Ronin’s tactical ability is her Ballistic Knife. While she has it equipped, it’s treated as a regular melee weapon – it deals 45 damage on hit, which is more than your normal melee damage. When thrown it can 1hko anyone it hits, and often those around them – including Ronin or her teammates, if they are caught in the blast. If it doesn’t hit a player, the knife sticks to whatever surface it hits, and can then be detonated with a gunshot – use this to hit players hiding in cover.

The knife also detonates when an enemy walks near it, and makes an effective trap. Experienced teams will not bunch up, so getting multi-frags with knife throws is very rare. However, placing the knife at a blind corner early on in a round can easily secure a kill later in the chaos. The warning sound of a deployed knife trap is just quiet enough to get lost in the sound of gunfire.

Your priority perks with Ronin are Evade and Berserker. Tenacity is also a must-buy against teams with Dima or another Ronin. Everything else is up to preference – Ronin’s perks are all good.

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