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How to play Seeker | Rogue Company Guide

Seeker is a new Intel rogue joining the Rogue Company roster. A gifted archer and Olympic medalist, he was trained by Kestrel to help fight the Jackals. Using his Arrow Scanner, Seeker provides key information for his team to win fights. This is your guide to playing Seeker in Rogue Company.

Kit and playstyle

Seeker has the choice between the Sahara Assault Rifle and the Arren L2-12 DMR. The Sahara is better suited for mid-range fights and deals a moderate amount of damage. For longer range matches where you don’t have a Phantom or Fixer, the Arren DMR can cover the longer ranges.

Arrow Scanner is Seeker’s ability. When activated, Seeker pulls out a bow which can fire one arrow. This arrow reveals enemies along its flight path and can bounce 3 times. If it hits an enemy along its flight path, it will deal a moderate amount of damage.

Seeker’s passive is Ricochet. This causes projectiles to deal 60% more damage when bounced. That includes his Bounce Grenades, and the Arrow.

Best perks

While Seeker is meant to be a team player, his collection of perks can also allow him to stand his own in one-on-one situations. Bounce Back and Life Drain allow Seeker to stay at high health throughout long engagements. For a more run and gun playstyle, Berserker and Stalker are excellent perk choices. Lifeline is also a great pickup in any situation.

Who should play Seeker?

Seeker fills a similar role to other Intel rogues like Dallas. What sets him apart is his ability to mark an entire team with the proper shot of Arrow Scanner. He can also place two Sticky Sensors to counter flankers from the enemy team. Aside from his teamplay utility, Seeker is also capable of some great trick shots with Arrow Scanner and Ricochet.

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