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How to play Squeak in Brawl Stars

Squeak is a new mythic brawler in Brawl Stars. Created from the drool of Colonel Ruffs‘ dog toys, he now serves in Colonel’s Star Force.  This new brawler takes some finesse to play effectively, but he is well worth the time it takes to learn to play. Here is everything you need to know about Squeak in Brawl Stars.

Squeak’s kit

Attack: Squeak throws goo that sticks to enemies and walls. These blobs blow up after a delay, and can deal damage through walls.

Super: Squeak tosses out a giant ball of goo that explodes after a short duration. It then sends out 6 smaller blobs that stick to enemies and walls and deal damage.

Gadget: Windup causes Squeak’s next attack to have 100% more range. The cooldown of this gadget does not start until after the attack is shot.

Star Power: Chain Reaction increases the damage of his attacks for every enemy within the bomb’s radius. There is a 10% buff for each enemy, but this doesn’t apply to the little bomblets from his Super.

Tips on playing Squeak in Brawl Stars

Squeak’s attack delay makes him play differently from other Brawlers. It can leave him vulnerable if he doesn’t manage his space properly, since heavyweights and assassins can dive him with ease.

Squeak excels at zone control with his AOE damage. His attacks can damage enemies hiding behind walls, and he can clear bushes risk-free. Since he can deal high damage from afar as well as control tight chokepoints, his best game modes in Brawl Stars are Heist, Siege, and Gem Grab.

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