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The Stoneshaper class in Spellbreak focuses on knocking their opponents down and beating them through brute force. Completely opposite to Tempest, who thrives in the air, Stoneshaper prefers to keep things grounded. Here is your complete guide to playing Stoneshaper in Spellbreak.

Abilities and skills

Your spell attack is Shockwave. This attack causes you to slam your fist into the ground and send forth a heavy damaging shockwave in a straight line. While Shockwave cannot hit aerial targets, it makes up for that by packing a heavy punch. The Shockwave travels faster downhill and slower uphill. Do remember, that Shockwave can also remove the puddles placed by the Toxicologist class.

Your sorcery is Boulderfall. This launches a large boulder which explodes upon impact. It has a fairly long range, and there is some drop to the trajectory. The damage of Boulderfall increases by the amount of time it travels. Damage is also affected by the proximity of the enemy to the center of the explosion. You are able to hit aerial targets, but it can be difficult to time and place your trajectory right.

Stoneshaper Spellbreak

At level 1, you get the skill Stoneskin. This starter talent gives you a base increase to armor by 20. Each time you cast Shockwave, you also gain 5 armor, to a maximum of 20. You are effectively always able to refresh to 20 armor. The extra hit points allow for Stoneshaper to be extra aggressive in the beginning of the match.

At level 2, you gain Bedrock. When you cast Shockwave, you crash into the ground. All that this adds is that you can increase your fall speed. It feels very much like a filler skill, and it does not provide much extra utility. As Stoneshaper, you don’t often leave the ground anyway.

At level 3, Accretion causes boulders thrown by Boulderfall to grow in size. This effectively increases the damage area, and allows you to hit targets more easily.  It makes it easier to hit those pesky Tempest mains who try to hide in the air.

At level 4, Avalanche adds a second charge to Boulderfall, giving you two massive boulders to throw at your enemies. With two boulders, there are great opportunities for high damage output. It turns you into a walking artillery cannon.

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Interactions with other elements

Spell and sorcery combos are key to winning Spellbreak matches, and they completely change up how the game is played. Here are all the interactions that Stoneshaper has in Spellbreak.

Shockwave + Ice Puddles –  Shockwave has the ability to shatter Ice Puddles and Ice Blocks, creating Ice Mists which will slow and freeze enemies.

Shockwave + Flamewall / Flame Puddles –  Shockwave will become ignited when it comes into contact with a flame. This creates flame trails and puddles that can burn enemies and set them ablaze.

Boulderfall + Ice Bolt / Flash Freeze –  Boulders which pass through Flash Freeze or are hit by Ice Bolts will freeze and become Icebergs. Icebergs create an Ice Mist on impact, which can slow and freeze enemies.

Boulderfall + Fireball –  If you can hit a Boulder mid-flight with a Fireball, it will become a Meteor. When the Meteor reaches its final destination, it will explode and leave behind a large flame puddle.

Boulderfall + Wind Shear –  Wind Shear has the capability to slow and speed up the trajectory of Boulders. This can be used to increase or reduce the range of Boulderfall.

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