How to play Stu in Brawl Stars

Stu is a new Common Brawler that is unlocked from Trophy Road in Brawl Stars. He is classified as an Assassin and has a fast charging Super, which allows him to quickly skate around the battlefield. Here is everything you need to know about Stu in Brawl Stars.

Stu’s kit

Attack: Razzle Dazzle fires off two fireworks in quick succession. On hit they will charge Stu’s Super, letting you charge it up very fast.

Super: Stu shoots forward a small distance and knocks back any enemies in his way. Nitro Boost leaves behind flames that can set his enemies on fire. These flames cannot charge Stu’s Super.

Gadget: Stu drops a Speed Zone which has 1000 health and boosts the speed of him and his allies. It has a 7 tile radius and doesn’t stack with other speed boosts.

Star Power: Zero Drag increases the range of Nitro Boost by 71%. It also extends the flames that are left behind from Stu’s dash.

Tips on playing Stu in Brawl Stars

Although Stu has a low health pool, his ability to have his Nitro Boost up fast for a quick escape gives him a lot of survivability. With this, he can easily dodge around Brawlers that can normally take him out with burst damage. Nitro Boost can also be used to easily close the gap between ranged Brawlers, such as Bea or Piper.

Stu is a great Brawler to use in Brawl Ball. He can use Nitro Boost to knock the ball out of enemy hands. He also excels in Solo and Duo Showdown, because he can poke enemies and quickly retreat.

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