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How to play the Onryo in Dead by Daylight and use her power effectively

The Onryo, aka Sadako from Ringu, is the newest Killer in Dead by Daylight in the Sadako Rising chapter, bringing in a new Killer power. I will explain how the Onryo plays, how you can use her power, and what perks go best with it in Dead by Daylight.   

Deluge of Fear

The Onryo’s power is called Deluge of Fear and has three parts to it: Manifestation, Projection, and Condemned. Let’s go over Manifestation first. Unlike most Killers the Onryo cannot attack Survivors right away, and she must first Manifest herself in order to deal damage. When the Onryo is not Manifested she has the Undetectable status effect but is still visible to Survivors.  

You can Manifest as the Onryo by using the power button. For a brief duration after Manifesting, the Onryo will be intermittently visible to Survivors within 32 meters. After this effect ends, the Onryo will be fully visible to Survivors within 32 meters as long as she is Manifested. The Onryo can de-Manifest by holding the power button again.


The next part of the Onryo’s power is Projection. TVs will be scattered around the map and turn on after enough time has passed. Active TVs will have white auras to indicate they can be used, while inactive ones have no aura. Pressing the ability button while looking at an active TV allows the Onryo to teleport to it, and instantly Manifest, crawling out of the TV in reference to the iconic scene from the movie. Doing this turns off the TV so it cannot be used again for a while.  

When the Onryo comes out of a TV, all Survivors within 16 meters of the TV gain Condemned progress. This brings us to the third part of her power. From the Killer’s point of view, a Survivor that has Condemned progress will have a white static circle around their profile picture. From the Survivor’s point of view, Condemned progress is represented by several blocks that slowly fill up around the Survivor’s profile picture.

The TVs around the map can be turned off by Survivors, which prevents the Onryo from teleporting to it. Survivors can do this by going to the TV and doing the Retrieve Tape action. Doing this will add Condemned progress to the Survivor, and they will have a tape put into their inventory. Unlike other Killer items, this does not take up an item slot, so Survivors can hold other items such as a Med-Kit along with the tape.


As long as the Survivor holds the tape they can turn off any TV they come across. However, each time they do so they gain more Condemned progress. When Condemned fills up entirely, the Survivor will be revealed to the Onryo by the Killer Instinct effect, and the Survivor can be instantly killed when they are in the dying state. 

Survivors do have a way to remove their Condemn progress. One TV will be highlighted to the Survivor once they have been Condemned. If the Survivor interacts with this particular TV, they will insert the tape and have some Comdemned progress removed.  

How to use Deluge of Fear 

The way her power works makes the Onryo a stealth Killer in Dead by Daylight that has potential for great map control. She can sneak up on Survivors with the Undetectable status effect, and then Manifest to attack. This will be especially useful on maps that do not have many open areas. However, her power will be map-dependent. This is because she has no control over where her TVs spawn, so it is possible to get some bad spawns. 

Another downside to the TVs is that the Survivors can turn them off pretty safely. The Condemned amount they get per cleansed TV is not significant, and it is easy for Survivors to stop turning off TVs right before they hit 100% Condemned progress. They can then just go to the highlighted TV to remove most of their Condemn progress immediately. In effect it will be difficult to surprise any Survivors at a Generator since they will always turn the TV off before working on the Generator.


Deluge of Fear does not give the Onryo anything to help her during a chase, so you will want to avoid long chases with her if possible. She is meant to sneak up on Survivors to take them down. The Onryo does have one advantage during chases though: she is one of the shortest Killers in the game. This will make it difficult for Survivors to know where exactly she is going during chases, making for a lot of mind game potential.

The Onryo is poised to be a mid-tier Killer since Survivors can counter her power easily. However, she can still be a threat with the right perks and by applying pressure correctly. Next up, let’s take a look at what perks can work the best with her. 

Perks to use  

All generator delay perks will be useful to the Onryo since she does have map control potential. Basic attack perks will also be valuable on the Onryo, because her Killer power does not inflict damage. The two best basic attack perks for her are Save the Best for Last and Sloppy Butcher.  

Perks that can give her information on Survivor locations are also valuable for the Onryo: BBQ and Chili, Discordance, Tinkerer, and Bitter Murmur to name a few. With this information, the Onryo can teleport to a TV near a Survivor, and instantly get in a chase to put them into the dying state.


Since the Onryo’s power does not help her in chases, then chase perks can be run on her as well. Things like Brutal Strength, Spirit Fury, Bamboozle, and Enduring can greatly help end a chase faster.  

This concludes my primer guide on how you can use the Onryo‘s power in Dead by Daylight. If you are interested in the Onryo‘s unique perks I have prepared a separate perk guide. I also have a perk guide for the new Survivor Yoichi Asakawa. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides.

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