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How to play the Wraith in Dead by Daylight

The Wraith is one of the original Killers in Dead by Daylight. He is also often seen as one of the weaker Killers in the game. However, his Wailing Bell has a lot of hidden tricks that can take Survivors by surprise. In this guide I will walk you through some useful tips to maximize your use of the Wailing Bell, what perks synergize the best with Wraith, and which add-ons you should use.   

How to use the Wailing Bell 

The Wraith’s power is more than just a bit of invisibility and faster movement speed. A smart Wraith can use this power to catch Survivors off guard and force them into vulnerable situations. The movement speed the Wraith gains while cloaked gives him great map control. This makes Wraith one of the easiest Killers to find Survivors with.

Wraith can also play some mind games with his bell, because ringing the bell does not slow him down. By tapping the bell, he can trick Survivors into thinking he is going to swing. Alternatively he can trick Survivors into thinking he will cloak, baiting the Survivor into making a deadly mistake.  

The Wraith also has one of the biggest lunges in the game when he uncloaks. This is because lunge distance is based on movement speed. If you can time your lunge correctly as you come out of cloak, you can land some crazy hits on Survivors. 

There is a big overlooked feature of Wraith’s power, and that is his ability to body-block Survivors. The Wraith can cloak in a chase, then use his faster movement speed to get in front of the Survivor. This will confuse the Survivor or even make them panic. Often times the Survivors will try to walk around the Wraith. This collision can slow down the Survivor a lot, then the Wraith can uncloak for a free hit. 

I chased this Survivor while cloaked and got in front of them for an easy hit.

Doing this strategy can be risky because if the Wraith cannot get in front of the Survivor fast enough, then all that time has been wasted. Using add-ons can make this a lot easier, and I will go over add-ons later in the guide. 

This is not the only way Wraith can body-block Survivors while cloaked. He can also utilize his cloaked movement speed to body-block a window a Survivor is heading for, or block the pallet interaction. This is a bit trickier, as the Wraith must be right up against the front edge of the pallet facing the Survivor. If his position is off by even a little bit the Survivor can throw down the pallet and stun him.   

One thing you should always be thinking of when playing Wraith is how to body-block Survivors into areas while cloaked. There are a lot of generators that are positioned in ways where you can pin a Survivor against the generator, then uncloak and hit them for free. Alternatively, if you find a Survivor hiding in a corner, you can body block them in and get a hit. 

I blocked the only escape for these Survivors.

Best perks for Wraith 

The Wraith is a basic attack Killer since his special ability deals no damage. That means that many perks that trigger off of basic attacks can be used on Wraith.  

Save the Best for Last is my go-to perk for all basic attack Killers. It brings so much value because that cooldown reduction on hit attacks can change the tide of the game. Save the Best for Last will catch Survivors off guard, causing them to make mistakes. The more pressure you have in a game the better Save the Best for Last works. You just have to be mindful of who your Obsession is.  

The next perk I recommend is Enduring combined with Spirit Fury. Often times you may find yourself with no choice but to chase Survivors through loops. To make the chases end a bit faster you will need the Enduring and Spirit Fury combo.

Enduring will allow you to take the chance of swinging through pallets with little penalty, but the real value comes once you have Spirit Fury activated. When you break a pallet by being stunned with Spirit Fury, Enduring will allow you to instantly recover, giving the Survivors no time to gain distance. 

Spirit Fury and Enduring allow me to chase the last Survivor so he cannot get the others up while I was stunned.

You just have to be mindful of which pallets you choose to break when using this build. Ideally, you never break pallets when Spirit Fury is activated. It is good to have some extra pallets that have been thrown down around the map, so you can reactivate Spirit Fury quickly after using it.  

Brutal Strength is a perk that can be run with Spirit Fury and Enduring. However, in practice, it does not feel that impactful. I found it was much better to run Bamboozle instead of Brutal Strength.  

Bamboozle is a powerful perk that is essential for Killers who have weaker powers. This is because Bamboozle can completely lock down window loops, only allowing the Survivor to use them once. Sometimes this forces Survivors to use pallets earlier than they want, which goes great with our Enduring and Spirit Fury combo. The Wraith is a Killer that can be easily kited for 5 generators if he has nothing to stop windows with.  

Another reason Bamboozle is great on Wraith is that he can vault windows while cloaked, allowing them to vault into an area with a Survivor, and block their escape route. Then he can uncloak for a free hit.  

This Survivor tried looping the window, and got denied by Bamboozle.

Alternatively, you can run Hex: Blood Favor and/or Hex: Crowd Control to control Survivors. Hex: Blood Favor works well with the Wraith’s power, since it is easy for him to get that first hit on a Survivor. As for Hex: Crowd Control, this blocks windows Survivors vault through. Although I think it is slightly weaker because you cannot actively choose which windows to block, and it is a Hex perk. 

Keep in mind that Hex perks are riskier to run because Survivors can take them out of the game. I tend to not run Hex perks because of the RNG factor. Still, it is worth including them here as they are viable perks.  

Another perk worth mentioning is Sloppy Butcher. This perk can help slow down the game because it takes longer for Survivors to heal. It is a good perk to equip if you do not have access to all the perks I mentioned earlier. Sloppy Butcher also goes well with generator delay perks.  

In practice, the build I have the most success with is Save the Best for Last, Enduring, Spirit Fury, and Bamboozle. While I highly recommend these perks, they require a lot of knowledge about map layouts and Survivor behavior to use effectively. Thus, if you are a newer player you may have difficulty with this build.  

If that is the case I recommend running some generator delay perks while you get the hang of Wraith. Good options are Hex: Ruin combined with Hex: Undying, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Corrupt Intervention. If you find that Survivors are still powering the Exit Gates faster than you’d like, then some end game perks may be needed for you. Some good choices are Hex: No One Escapes Death, No Way Out, and Blood Warden. Make sure to mix and match these perks. You never want to run a full generator delay build or full end game build unless you have a specific plan in mind.


Best add-ons for Wraith 

The Wraith has a lot of good add-ons to work with. My go-to add-ons are the very rare Windstorm – Blood and rare Blink – White. The Blink – White add-on allows me to cloak 60% faster and compliments Windstorm – Blood nicely. Windstorm – Blood will increase movement speed while cloaked by 9%. This combo allows me to cloak incredibly fast, and then take full advantage of my cloaked movement speed to get in front of Survivors during a chase. This gives Survivors less time to react to what I am doing as they look for safety.  

Another good combination is stacking two of his uncloaking speed add-ons. The very rare Swift Hunt – Blood will increase his uncloaking speed by 12%. The rare Swift Hunt – White will increase his uncloaking speed by 10%. This allows Wraith to act faster when he has spotted a Survivor.

However, there are some downsides I faced as I went against more experienced Survivors. For starters, this add-on combo is more map-dependent. If there are a lot of safe areas for Survivors to run to, then it does not matter how fast you uncloak. On top of that, without the faster movement speed while cloaked you often cannot get in front of Survivors before they reach a safe area.  

I did try using Swift Hunt – Blood with Windstorm – Blood but found that even with faster uncloaking it could be difficult to cut off a Survivor in time. That is when I tried add-ons for cloaking faster, and found the value they have. Being able to immediately get into cloak for the fast movement speed is a pretty big difference.

I was able to catch up to this Survivor because of “Windstorm” – Blood and “Blink” – White.

If you do not have a lot of very rare and rare add-ons on Wraith, do not worry. You can always use the lower-tier versions of these add-ons as a replacement. Any Windstorm add-ons will increase the Wraith’s movement speed while cloaked, and any Blink add-ons will increase his cloaking speed. Finally, Swift Hunt add-ons will increase the Wraith’s uncloaking speed.  

Wraith does have more add-ons with unique effects that can turn the tide of the game. His ultra-rare Coxcombed Clapper will make his Wailing Bell completely silent, so Survivors can’t hear him ring it when he cloaks and uncloaks. However, they will still hear the sound of him cloaking if they are close enough. With the Coxcombed Clapper you can start uncloaking around a corner and really catch Survivors off guard. 

For the ultimate stealth, you can combine Coxcombed Clapper with the common The Ghost – Soot add-on which suppresses the Wraith’s terror radius and red stain for 6 seconds after uncloaking. These add-ons will keep Survivors on their toes the entire game.  

One last add-on type I want to mention is his Shadow Dance add-ons. These will increase the speed of vaulting windows, breaking pallets or walls, and damaging generators while the Wraith is cloaked. Combining one of these add-ons with Bamboozle can make a strong combination. These add-ons also go great with any perks that require you to break generators, such as Pop Goes the Weasel.

Sneaking up on Survivors with stealth add-ons.

This is everything you need to know when playing Wraith in Dead by Daylight. At first glance, he does not look like much, but there is a lot you can do with his power.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Dead by Daylight guides!

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