How to properly farm Northern Valley in Frostborn

So you’ve reached District lvl. 53 and unlocked a whole new area of the Frostborn map – hurray! Now what? Stick around and I will show you how to properly farm Northern Valley in Frostborn so you can make the most out of it.

Northern Valley 101

Well, if you are anything like me, you went out to explore Northern Valley (a no-PvP zone) straight away, noticed there was a storm going on, and went in all the same… only to then die within seconds. We’ve all been there, there is no shame in it.

You unlock this new area but the game does not tell you anything about it. So first things first: farming during storms is very unnecessary. Sure, the loot is better and there are more resources to collect, but you will have to consume way too much food and water in order to survive the storm. That and the fact that the mobs become way stronger during the storm makes it a non-viable option. But hey, if you feel like the no-storm timer is too short, feel free to try your luck during the storm.

How to gear up

Alright, the first thing you need to know is that it is mandatory to have an Item Power of 250+ in order to get into the Northern Valley. That said, 250 is the minimum, so if you can, go a bit higher. That way you will have an easier time killing the Ice Brutes and so on.

That said, I highly recommend that you gear up in the following manner:

  • Weaponry: bring along two blue weapons and three green weapons. Be sure to match the weapons to the class you choose to go as.
  • Armor: If you bring the weapons mentioned above, then the Quilted Armor should do the trick, but you can choose a stronger armor.
  • Class: You can go as anything you want, but some options will save you resources. I tend to go as a Healer, as it saves a lot of food and bandages. Another good option is the Hunter, as the extra speed allows you to escape mobs more easily, and if by chance you trigger a bomb you can easily escape it.
  • Tools: The Northern Valley is rich in Maple Trees, Iron Ores, and Copper Ores. That said, bring along with you a Regular Hatchet, a Strong Hatchet, a Regular Pickaxe, a Strong Pickaxe, two Dragon Ales (in case you hit a bomb that disables the effect of the first Ale), and a Blue Backpack.
  • Healing items: You might want to bring two stacks of food, such as Carrot Stew or Beef Jerky, and one stack of Bandages.

How to properly farm Northern Valley in Frostborn

Tips and tricks

The storm in the Northern Valley lasts 45 minutes each time, meaning that you’ll have a 15-minute window every hour to go in and collect as many resources as possible. That said, you need to have everything prepared so that you can make the most out of those 15 minutes.

Protecting yourself from the cold

You go in, and you will have a shield that protects you for five seconds. During that time, you should drink up the Dragon Ale, as it will protect you from the cold.

Once you’ve done that, you can farm freely. Be careful where you step because there are a few blue bombs placed around the area and if you trigger the bomb, you’ll lose the benefit of the Dragon Ale and you’ll have to drink another one.

Resetting the map

If you are interested in the Northern Valley for special resources such as Copper Ore or Maple wood, then ignore everything else and head straight for those resources. Once you’ve collected all of the resources, then you need to open up every single chest on the map.

Why do that? Well, besides the awesome loot it provides, once all chests have been opened, you can leave the area, wait 15 seconds and go back in. What this does is it resets the area and all resources will pop up again, meaning you can farm the Northern Valley about two to three times within those 15 minutes.

Warn the other players

The Northern Valley is a no-PvP zone and you will occasionally come across other players. A lot of players aren’t aware that you can reset the zone, so if you see the map is depleted of the most essential resources, speak on the local chat and warn them to leave the map for 15 seconds, to allow it to reset.

The best time to farm

The game has a lot of players in the EST timezone, meaning that if you play within that timezone, you will probably encounter a bunch of other players in the Northern Valley.

That said, to maximize your chances of getting the loot and resources you need, try to escape that timezone. I’ve found that playing between 2 AM and 5 AM EST time gives me the entire map to myself, a.k.a. I don’t have to share my loot.

And that is it. It might seem complicated at first, especially when you try to mine the blue rocks that spawn mobs, but if you follow this guide, you will be able to properly farm Northern Valley in Frostborn.

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