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How to quickly win Conquest mode in MLB The Show 21

With MLB The Show 21, San Diego Studio adopted turn based strategy game mechanics, and added them to the game’s Diamond Dynasty through Conquest. This ambitious game mode brings a fresh new take to a somewhat repetitive sports game genre. Now that Conquest in Diamond Dynasty has been around in MLB The Show 21 for a couple of months, we will take a look at how players can earn max rewards and win the Diamond Dynasty Conquest game mode in MLB The Show 21 fast.

Conquest overview

Conquest is approached in four phases, similar to the board game, Risk. They are the following: 

  • Reinforcement Phase allows you to earn and place additional fans to fortify defenses or stage an offensive push. The more territories you have, the more fans you can deploy. 
  • Move Phase lets you choose a territory you own with fans, and move those fans to another territory you own as long as there’s a clear path.
  • Attack Phase lets you simulate or play a 3-inning game to take over a territory or Stronghold. You cannot simulate a Stronghold attack, and the difficulty is set to Veteran at minimum.
  • Steal Phase allows you to steal fans from an opposing team, and add them during your your Reinforcement Phase. Then the above cycle repeats.

Each Conquest map is different, and there is no limit to how many times a player can win. The rewards are lucrative, but the gameplay can be rather long and drawn out. Before you start, just make sure to review the Conquest map goals, and what the conditions are to complete them. It really sucks to not be able to max rewards in Conquest because you didn’t read the goals first. All it takes to miss out on key rewards is one mistake.

Simulate most phases

Conquest gameplay in MLB The Show 21  can be long and drawn out if you let it play like that. There is zero obligation for players to play every single game, unless you’re looking to meet goal conditions that give rewards like earning or stealing fans.

The Attack Phase can be simulated entirely, with the exception of Strongholds. You also don’t have to steal fans every time the Steal Phase happens. Sometimes it’s best just to roll through simulations and skip certain phases to shave off some time and keep sharp.

mlb the show 21 conquest
Image by San Diego Studio

Play Rookie or Veteran

It feels good to win a game at All Star or Hall of Fame difficulty in MLB The Show 21. Winning those games definitely speeds up the process in Conquest, but you run the risk of an unlucky home run against you. While you can grind wins on those levels, why not just take it easy and play lower difficulty levels like Rookie or Veteran?

There’s absolutely no shame in taking it easy and cruising by at lower levels. Use these stress-free games to grind some Programs or Affinity Teams missions to earn extra rewards.

Use your best players

Stamina refreshes after every game, so roll out your Ace every single game. You’ll want your best players giving you the greatest chance at winning, so there’s zero reason not to run out the same starting pitcher for the first two innings, and then a fireball closer to finish off the third inning. The lack of stamina rules apply for hitters as well. There’s no need to bench or rest any starters in your lineup, unless you’re attempting to earn progress on Player or Team Affinity, or Monthly programs.

Blitz opposing teams

Winning territories needs to be at the top of your mind, and the only strategy you employ. The AI treats Conquest passively, so you need to take the fight to other teams, and steamroll every territory you can. There’s zero shame in running your fan counts until they can’t play anymore, so keep plugging away. 

The only thing to be mindful of is the path you choose. You cannot move troops outside of the Move Phase, unless you’re playing through opposing team territories. Just keep snowballing as much as you can, and make sure not to pin yourself inside your own territory and waste a whole turn cycle.

Take breaks

It seems silly to tell anyone to take a break while playing games, but Conquest is a game of attrition, and breaks are required. The smallest maps can run upwards of over an hour depending on how many 3-inning games are played between all the different phases. If a break is off the table, go open up packs you unlocked, and fix your lineup or rotation to rest up your eyes and brain.

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