How to reach Power level 150 in Marvel’s Avengers fast

Reaching Power level 150 in Marvel’s Avengers is no easy task. It takes a level of dedication and a certain amount of grinding to fully upgrade your hero to the current Power level cap.

That being said, there are ways to efficiently increase your Power level to make the process easier. With our Marvel’s Avenger Power level guide, we’ll walk you through how the system works, and tips on quickly increasing the total level. Soon enough, you’ll be able to streamline the process.

Power level vs Hero level

Marvel’s Avengers offers two progression systems. The first is your core Hero level, and the other (and arguably the more important one) is the Power level. It’s easy to jump in and assume they are intrinsically connected. This is a common misconception I’ve seen from new players. They should in fact be treated as separate entities.

To boil it down, Power levels are attributed to the average rating of all your equipped gear. Swap out a piece or two with high level gear, and your Power level will increase.

Hero levels are simply the progression system tied to skill points. Each hero has 50 available skills. By the time you hit the Hero level cap of 50, you’ll have unlocked all available skills for that hero.

As you progress through the campaign and into the Avengers Initiative endgame content, you’ll naturally increase your Hero level. Don’t focus too much on this system other than using those skill points when available. Your focus should lie solely on the Power level system.

Hold onto your resources

Marvel’s Avengers has a soft Power level cap of 130. To boost yourself to the hard cap of 150, you’re going to need a ton of resources.

Within the first few hours of the campaign, you’ll start to accumulate resources like Fragments, Polychorons, and Upgrade Modules. It’s highly recommended that you don’t use these until you settle on a gear build around the 130 Power level mark.

The breakdown of where the additional 20 Power levels come from is this: 10 additional Power levels will come from boosting your gear to the maximum level. This is where you’ll syphon most if not all your resources to get to Power level 140. The final 10 levels will come from boosting your Major Artifact. Each boost will add a flat bonus of one Power level, ultimately reaching the 150 cap.

Like Destiny 2, The Division 2, and other games akin to Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll be consistently swapping gear. It’s recommended that you don’t spend your resources until you begin obtaining high-tiered drops. Many resources are hard to come by. Before dumping rare resources such as Polychorons into your Major Artifact, make sure it’s one that pairs well with your playstyle.

Complete Daily assignments

Polychorons play a fundamental role in paving the path to Power level 150. As mentioned above, they are a scarce resource. As you play through mission chains in the Avengers Initiative, it’s worth grinding Daily assignments at the same time.

You can pick up Daily assignments each day from Alisande Morales on the Helicarrier, and Sarah Garza in the Ant Hill. The completion of assignments will work towards increasing your Faction ranking and, more importantly, reward you with Polychorons.

As you complete the Avengers Initiative component, you’ll gradually accumulate Polychorons. Keeping Daily assignments in mind, you should have enough to boost your Major Artifact as you reach the end of the core mission chains.

Grind out Vault missions

Vault missions can be a great way to find guaranteed high-tiered loot drops to replace your older gear. They are relatively fast and easy to grind through. Upon starting, you’ll have to travel across the map and locate one of the hidden SHIELD bases via an onscreen radar.

Upon opening the Vault, you’ll have to activate a series of terminals and fend off waves of enemies in between. Once completed, you’ll find three strongboxes. Two strongboxes will likely hold resources, and the final one will reward you with a piece of gear.

You can continue to rinse and repeat as necessary. This can become a bit repetitive, but Vaults are easily one of the fastest ways to obtain new gear to increase your Power level.

Always check mission rewards

As you step up to Marvel’s Avengers‘ War Table, you’ll find no shortage of activities to complete. Knowing which ones you should concentrate on can sometimes be determined by looking at the rewards.

If you’re not completing mission chains, your focus should be on completing activities that give you the best bang for your buck. In this case, scroll over any mission and it will give you the recommended Power level and a story description. Underneath that, the briefing will summarize rewards.

Rewards can be anything from additional resources to uncommon gear, all the way to legendary gear. From there, it’s up to you to determine which mission is worth tackling. The longer, more difficult missions will net you better gear. However, you may opt for less extensive missions for a faster completion rate.

Getting to Power level 150 in Marvel’s Avengers is quite an accomplishment. Becoming organized and having a strategy of how to reach the level cap will surely help cut down on wasted time and energy.

We are now beginning to reach the requirements to take on the Secret Lab mission, a weekly in-game event. This mini-raid of sorts will test players’ skill and communication as they navigate the lab and face a challenging boss at the end.

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