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How to recruit Commanders in Lord of the Rings Rise to War

Muster the Rohirrim!

Commanders are the key cog to every army in Lord of the Rings Rise to War. Each Commander provides their own abilities, stats, specialties, loadouts, and synergizes with particular units. We’ll check out all the ways players can earn Respect and recruit Commanders in Lord of Rings Rise to War.


The Tavern is the central hub for most Commander-related things in LOTR Rise to War. Players can receive tips from patrons at the Tavern to help them earn Respect from Commanders. Each tip yields a reward for dispatching current Commanders on your roster, and those rewards are generally a combination of Respect and experience points.

You’ll be able to see the rewards for the tip before dispatching your Commander. The dispatch time can be anywhere from 1-2 hours. Be mindful of prerequisites: some tips need Commanders of particular races, so make sure to diversify your Commander roster.

Gifts and the Mathom Peddler

Everyone loves a gift, and that includes orcs, uruks, Ringwraiths, or even Sauron. You can offer gifts in exchange for Respect from various Commanders. Players can earn gifts through the Mathom Peddler trading in Mathom Medals for attempts at opening chests which will give the gifts needed for exchanges. In rare instances, players can unlock a full Commander to immediately recruit to their army.

Your wallet or credit card

Let’s face it, mobile games rely on microtransactions. The key to making it far in most mobile games is to open your wallet and pay to get ahead. You can purchase gifts with real money in the LOTR Rise to War store. The Season Pass offers a fair amount of gifts and Mathom Medals to help unlock Commanders sooner. If you’re starting out and enjoy the game, this might be the fastest way to go about stacking your account with quality Commanders.

If this guide on recruiting Commanders has helped your army in Lord of the Rings Rise to War, make sure to stay tuned for more content coming up!

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