How to spot EMF Level 5 in Phasmophobia

EMF Level 5 is a form of ghost evidence in Phasmophobia that immediately tells you if you’re in big trouble. These electronic readings tell players if there’s ghostly activity in the general area, ranging from ghost movement and manifestation, to other spectral interactions. EMF Level 5 is a particular type of ghost evidence that will determine what kind of ghost you’re dealing with.

Here’s how to get EMF Level 5 in your next game of Phasmophobia.

What kind of ghost triggers EMF Level 5 Readings

EMF Level 5 only appears if you’re dealing with a one of these ghosts:

  • Banshee
  • Jinn
  • Oni
  • Phantom
  • Revenant
  • Shade

It’s difficult to mistake EMF Level 5 readings for anything else. If you see that you got the EMF Level 5 reading, make your way to safety and jot in down in your journal.

EMF level 5 phasmophobia

How to spot a EMF Level 5 Reading

Spotting the EMF Level 5 Reading is seeing the EMF lights hit the red bulb to the far right. Once the EMF hits anything above Level 2, it will emit a screeching noise indicating it’s registering an anomaly.

A Level 5 reading is one of the most dangerous pieces of ghost evidence you can find in a game of Phasmophobia. If the EMF Reader hits Level 5, there’s strong spectral activity about, and you’re in serious trouble. You can coax this out of a ghost if your sanity is low enough, you anger the ghost to a boiling point, or they’re in the process of hunting.

The safest way to see an EMF Level 5 Reading

It’s handy to equip an EMF Reader in your kit. Walking around using one tells you roughly what the ghost is doing. Don’t feel the need to constantly have yours out, as you can strategically place activated EMF Readers around the location.

Find yourself heavy traffic areas, or the ghost’s haunt room, and use it there to up your likelihood of seeing an EMF Level 5. Then you can use another item to help collect evidence (Photo Camera, UV Light, and so on). If you see the EMF Reader spike to Level 5, snap a photo to earn extra money after extraction.

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