How to spot Ghost Orbs in Phasmophobia

Ghost Orbs in Phasmophobia are one of the six pieces of evidence players can find to determine the type of ghost they are dealing with. Ghost Orbs can technically appear in every game of Phasmophobia, but they are never guaranteed. Here is how to spot Ghost Orbs in your next game.

What kind of ghosts trigger Ghost Orbs

Ghost Orbs only appear if you’re dealing with:

  • Jinn
  • Mare
  • Phantom
  • Poltergeist
  • Shade
  • Yurei

It’s easier to determine the ghost type you’re dealing with once you find other pieces of evidence, or have one of their unique ghost powers manifest itself.

Ghost Orbs Phasmophobia

How to spot Ghost Orbs

Ghost Orbs in Phasmophobia will not appear without using video recording devices. They look like small yellow balls zipping across the computer screen. If you’re sitting in the truck unsure if you’ve seen one, chances are you did see it.

The best time to spot Ghost Orbs

The set up phase in the beginning of each game is when you should beeline it into the haunted location, setting up all your video cameras in the best vantage points – which in this case means with multiple sight lines. Look for intersecting hallways, major open rooms – like the gymnasium in the High School – and known haunted rooms.

Once you feel that you’ve covered all the essential spots and set up the rest of your equipment, sit in the truck and watch in night vision. The ghost can’t get you in the truck, and your sanity will not decline.

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