How to survive the hardest scenario in Frostpunk

Ever since Frostpunk came out, there has been a lot of chatter as to which scenario is the absolute hardest to play and win. In the end, most people would agree that The Fall of Winterhome is the hardest scenario in Frostpunk. With that in mind, I’m going to tell you how you can beat The Fall of Winterhome with minimum casualties.

First things first

The second the game starts, pause time. We’re on a mission against time, so we have to make sure workers are busy at all times to ensure maximum productivity.

Your first priority should be coal. Coal thumpers are a good place to start, but they eventually run out of raw material, so you need to put your efforts into making a coal mine, which leads us to your next priority: the workshop.

Your workshop needs to run 24/7, as you absolutely have to research a lot of stuff early on. In order to do so, you need to choose the Emergency Shift and Extended Shift laws. The workers won’t be too happy about it but they’ll manage.

The next step is to give everyone a job. Fill out every building, including children (you’ll need the Child Labour law for this one). Place the children in the cookhouses; the rest you may distribute as you please.

Once you’ve filled all vacant buildings, send out anyone who is free to clear the rubble all over the city. I would advise you to clear out all rubble within the generator’s heat zone first and then move outwards, clearing any rubble near the coal mine and steelwork areas.

How to survive the hardest scenario in Frostpunk
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Getting started

Now that you have set up your city, it is time to unpause the game and see how everything goes. Your first mission is to set up the workshop to research the first scout team. If you only have one workshop, I’d advise you to build another one right next to it, so that you’ll get a 130% research rate, rather than the starting 100%.

Once the research is done, collect the 40 wood necessary for the scout team and send them out into the northwest. I know you’ll be tempted to bring back the first group of engineers you find, but ignore them and keep going until you find another group of engineers who will discover another camp.

Once the scout team research is done, get started on the faster gathering research. This research should be over by the time the first workday ends. Activate the Emergency Shift option and get those engineers working on the second scout team, so you can then send them East towards the dreadnought and then further east to find steam cores.

Allow your workers to collect another 40 wood and build a resource depot and set it to coal. Repeat the process but instead of coal, set the second resource depot to food rations.

It’s now time to focus on the people. Build a medical center and place the 5 engineers as staff. Choose a place close to the generator to build it.

Next up is the hunters’ hut. Place as many workers as you can, so they can collect food for your city.

First storm

Before the cold hits, it’s important that you build steam hubs and place them near the piles of rubble your workers are working on. If you don’t, the workers and children will get sick and die, and you definitely cannot waste all that human resource.

Once you’re given the choice between Faith and Order, you should go with Faith and build prayer houses and temples. Why this path? Prayer houses and temples give a hope boost, making people happier.

Build about 4 more medical centers and split the staff from the first medical center between all of them. We need to be able to hold anyone that gets sick, as people who die can’t really work for you. Don’t forget to upgrade your tents to houses, otherwise, it will be impossible to keep your people warm and healthy.

The next priority is to improve your hunters’ hut, but that requires a lot of steel so you need to research and build the two steelworks as soon as possible.

Last but not least, have your scout team return to base, grabbing the initial team of engineers on the way back. You’ll find an automaton, but leave it where it is.

Hardest scenario in Frostpunk
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Get your priorities straight

24-hour shifts won’t make your workers happy, but as I mentioned before, you need the steam coal mine. You ought to build the second steam coal mine as well, but you won’t be able to until the second scout team returns with the steam cores.

By now, you have probably already cleaned most of the ruins, meaning your initial source of wood is coming to an end. That said, you need to build the two wall drills. Once they are built, set all coal mines, steelworks, and wall drills to extended shifts. Again, your workers won’t be happy, but if you activate the temple skills, you’ll be fine.

Research and activate the advanced heater on the most important buildings, which in this case are the medical centers, hothouses, and workshops.

The end is near

It is now time to repair your generator, and if you’ve followed every step mentioned above, you should have few to no sick people in your city.

This is where it begins to get tough. In order to win, you will need to send 5,000 coal, 10,000 steel, 5,000 food, and pretty much all the steam cores you have to the dreadnought, in order to escape the final storm.

In order to successfully do this, you will first need to allow the Prosthetics law and build the Prosthetics in your factory, as you can’t send amputees away. Be sure to place the factory in extended shifts.

Send 25 engineers away and then you’ll get your first task, which will be to send the kids away, along with whichever resources you have that are nearing their storage capacity, which will probably be food at this point.

Dismantle all the hunters’ hangars and send the workers away, along with the extra steel you got from dismantling.

Every time you send people away, be sure to dismantle houses and buildings you won’t be using anymore. The last task is to dismantle any building using steam cores, so you can then send those away as well. But be sure to leave the coal mines for last.

How to survive the hardest scenario in Frostpunk
Image by 11 bit studios

If you’ve done everything right, you should be able to save almost everyone. And that is pretty much it. This has proven to be the hardest scenario in Frostpunk, and it has taken me so long to not only survive it but to actually win, but I finally did and I think that with these tips, you will be able to do so as well.

Just remember to use the time you have in the most efficient way possible. If you have a hard time keeping track of everything, just remember you can pause time whenever you want, and work from there. Set the tasks you need and unpause the game when everything is in place. And use the temple skills whenever possible to ensure that your people don’t rise up against you.

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