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How to unlock all shops on Harv’s island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Harv’s island can now house a variety of shops that you can unlock in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update. These shops consist of traveling vendors such as Lief and Redd, but there are also some new shops as well. The addition of these shops is a nice quality-of-life update, as you no longer have to wait for vendors to visit your island so you can buy their goods. However, Harv’s island starts empty, so how can you get these shops to open up?  

After updating your game you will find a letter from Harv in your mailbox. In the letter he says he has something to tell you, and to come to his island. To get to Harv’s island just head to the airport and say you want to fly. Then select Harv’s island as your destination and take off. 

When you arrive at the island, travel through the wooden arch and you will see Harv talking with Harriet. That is when Harv will share his idea for creating a plaza with many shops, and he needs your help to make this happen.

talking with Harv to unlock shops Animal Crossing: New Horizons

After ending your conversation with Harv you can see 7 Lloids around the island. Each Lloid is collecting funds for specific shops. When you talk to a Lloid it will tell you which shop it is collecting funds for.

Here is what each Lloid is referring to when they give you descriptions of the shops.

  • The “mysteriously accurate fortune-teller” is Katrina.
  • The “merchant offering rugs and mysterious wallpapers” is Saharah.
  • Next, the “old-timer who’ll give you access to your home storage” is Tortimer.
  • The “talented husband-and-wife furniture-refurbishing team” is Reese and Cyrus.
  • The “botany expert with the greenest of thumbs” is Leif.
  • The “legitimate art dealer” is of course Redd
  • Finally, the “dapper dealer of fine shoes and handbags” is Kicks.    

Every shop has a donation goal of 100,000 bells. You can make a partial donation, or donate the full amount. Be warned that you can only make one donation per day, so you must choose carefully who you decide to give money to.

making a donation to unlock shops harv's island Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Once the donation goal of 100,000 bells has been met, the merchant will move to the island the next day to set up their shop. It will take you a minimum of seven days to unlock all the shops. If you would rather not wait, you can time-travel to speed things up. When you come back to Harv’s island after funding a shop, you will see Harv talking to the shop’s owner – walk up and start a conversation to fully unlock use of the shop.

If you are not sure what each shop does, I will give you a quick summary of each. Katrina is a fortune teller. She will tell you your fortune for the next day for 1,000 bells. This fortune will impact your game. Saharah will sell you mysterious wallpaper, mysterious flooring, and rugs to decorate your house with. Tortimer allows you to access your home storage so you do not have to leave the island to store items. If you forgot to bring something, you do not need to go all the way back home to get it.

Cyrus will customize special items that you cannot customize on your own, such as items you buy with Nook Miles, event items, and many types of furniture. Anything that Cyrus can customize, that you cannot, has a special symbol on it. Cyrus can also customize anything you can customize, these items will have no symbol on them.

Next is Lief, who will sell you seeds for various types of plants, and starters for crops so you can grow your farm.


As for Redd, he will have two art items for sale. Of course, these can be counterfeit, so be careful! As usual, you can only buy one item per character. Redd also has a new raffle ticket reward system. You can buy a ticket for 500 bells and get some cool items such as rainbow ice cream, donuts, and other goodies. This raffle can be played as much as you want.

The final merchant, Kicks, will sell you various shoes, socks, bags, and other clothing accessories. 

All of the merchants who sell items will sell the same items for the entire week. Their inventory will change every Monday. The only merchant that works differently is Redd, since he mails the artwork you purchase to your home. Redd will only change an item to replace the one you bought, but anything you do not buy will remain for the entire week.   

The merchants will not always stay on Harv’s island, though. Sometimes they will travel to your island to sell their wares. When this happens their shop on Harv’s island will be closed.

Harriet will also be available on Harv’s island without needing any funds. She will cut your hair into new hairstyles, that you can then learn and add to your customization options. Harriet can only teach you one new hairstyle every day.   

This is how you can unlock all the shops on Harv’s island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These shops are all quite handy and fun to visit. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides!    

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