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How to unlock legendary weapons in New World

New World features 133 different legendary weapons, including things like the Needler and Lifebinder. These legendary items are the most powerful weapons in New World, and each one require a few extra steps to unlock. Here is everything you need to know to unlock legendary weapons in New World.

What makes legendary weapons so powerful?

Legendary weapons are the most powerful weapons in New World. They have a higher gear score than regular weapons, up to 600. Each legendary weapon comes with three fixed perks, combat modifiers that increase the overall damage or healing capacity of weapons. Legendary weapons also feature a gem socket.

How to unlock legendary weapons in New World

Each legendary weapon is different and can be obtained in a specific way. While some can be crafted, found at a Trading Post or as a reward from an Expedition, other legendary weapons require completing a series of quests.

To unlock legendary weapons quests, a character needs to be level 60 and to have reached level 20 weapon mastery. This means that if you want to wield the Azure Ravager, you will need to be at least level 20 in Hatchet mastery. You also need to complete quests in Edengrove and Great Cleave for the legendary weapon quests to show up.

Eintou Madaki, a ranger NPC from Mountainhome, gives quests for 12 powerful epic and legendary weapons. Once you complete Madaki’s Strategem, a series of quests where you have to slaughter powerful enemies, the ranger will unlock the quests for some of the legendary weapons.

If you are curious about how to get specific legendary weapons in New World, make sure to check out our New World guides!

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