How to unlock shards for Jedi Master Kenobi in SWGOH

Jedi Master Kenobi (JMK) is part of the newer batch of Galactic Legends characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. His kit revolves around elevating the stats of Jedi allies boosting their Mastery, Speed, and max Health. Jedi Master Kenobi can also reduce damage taken, ignore Taunt buffs, double Armor Penetration against Sith enemies, and on top of all this, he gives his allies the High Ground. In this guide we’ll check out how to unlock shards for Jedi Master Kenobi in SWGOH. Just remember that you need to fill the Relic requirements and have saved up enough Light Side Currency to launch Galactic Legends missions in SWGOH.

Before we get into it, here’s an obligatory Hello there!

Tier 1: Jedi Master Kenobi & 212th Clones

Let’s quickly set expectations for earning shards in the Jedi Master Kenobi Journey Guide missions: you shouldn’t lose. Use a squad of JMK, CC-2224 “Cody”, 212th Clone Trooper, and 212th Veteran to take down General Grievous and his droids, or more specifically his droids. Don’t worry about targeting General Grievous since it’s impossible to hit him in this battle.

The keys to victory are:

  • Using GMK’s Special ability, The Negotiator, to gain Retribution buffs for all allies. The counterattacks will speed up the win.
  • Using the Cody and GMK call-all-allies special attacks on B1 Battle Droid to take out multiple stacks. This will slow down any healing B1 Battle Droid can offer, and General Grievous attacks should be able to whittle down the remaining stacks as the battle goes on.
  • Throwing the kitchen sink at the IG-100 MagnaGuard droids.
  • Kill order: B1 Battle Droids (as many stacks as you can), IG-100 MagnaGuard times three.

Tier 2: Jedi Master Kenobi vs General Grievous

Tier 2 is a simple 1v1 between Jedi Master Kenobi and General Grievous. This Tier is the easiest of the lot and can be won with any squad. Players can win this Tier in three steps. The only win condition is to bring General Grievous’ Health down to 10%. 

  • Use Hot Pursuit to deal damage and gain Offense Up.
  • Use Reversal of Fortune to earn Retribution. The counterattacks combined with Offense Up should take chunks out of General Grievous’ Health pool.
  • Then use basic attacks to finish General Grievous off.

Tier 3: Order 66

Tier 3 should be the only Jedi Master Kenobi Journey Guide Tier you should be concerned about failing. To prevent that, make sure you have half-decent mods on General Kenobi for Health, and mod Grand Master Yoda with Speed and Health mods. Tier 3 consists of two waves against 501st Clones that mirror the kits of CT-5555 “Fives”, CT-21-0408 “Echo”, CT-7567 “Rex”, and Arc Trooper.

  • 501st Veteran = Fives.
  • 501st Clone Trooper = Echo.
  • 501st Arc Trooper = Arc Trooper.
  • 501st Captain = Rex.

The wave one kill order is 501st Veteran, 501st Arc Trooper, 501st Clone Trooper (equipped with Turret), then 501st Clone Trooper. In wave two the kill order is 501st Veteran, 501st Captain, 501st Arc Trooper, then the 501st Clone Troopers.

You may have a problem if the 501st Veteran sacrifices himself if you killed another Clone first. He’s a priority in each wave in order to prevent that sacrifice from giving massive stat bonuses to the rest of the 501st Clones. Also, be sure to kill the 501st Captain in wave two before the cooldown for his equivalent of Aerial Advantage is ready. That attack can instakill JMK if you’re not careful, and you will lose if that happens.

Jedi Master Kenobi might have one of the easiest Galactic Legends Journey Guide missions in SWGOH. You should do just fine even if you overthink the battles. They truly are that simple.

Make sure to stay tuned as we look to unlock JMK’s Ultimate ability! May the Force be with you.

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