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How to unlock spells and abilities in New World

Becoming a mage or healer is possible in Amazon's MMO.

Creating a character on New World can be pretty confusing if you’re arriving from another MMORPG. You start with no spells, no abilities whatsoever, just a basic weapon. If you want to unlock spells and play out the mage fantasy in New World – or are just curious how abilities work in the game – here is everything you need to know.

To unlock spells in New World, follow these steps:

  1. Equip a magic weapon, like a fire staff or a life staff. The weapon you equip will determine the kind of spells you can unlock.
  2. Hit enemies with your magic weapon until it levels up.
  3. Once you reach level 2 with a magic weapon, you can access its skill tree and unlock spells.
  4. Choose your first spell in the skill tree and fire away!

Becoming a mage or healer in New World is linked to the weapon you use. New World doesn’t have regular classes like other MMOs but instead lets you freely switch between classes depending on the weapon you are using.

If you want to specialize in magic and use spells, don’t forget to invest points into your Intellect. This is the main statistic used to increase the powers of spells. The exception is healing spells since the Life Staff scales off Focus.

In New World, you can equip two weapons at the same time and switch between them mid-fight. If you struggle killing tough enemies as a caster, especially early on in the game, feel free to use another weapon to finish off enemies. Things will get easier once you unlock your desired spells and abilities in New World.

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