How to unlock the Sith Eternal Emperor ultimate in SWGOH

I am all the Sith!

Congrats, you’re here because you’ve probably farmed your way to unlocking Sith Eternal Emperor in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes! It probably took you months – or a lot of money – but you finally have him on your roster. Unfortunately, you still have more farming to go. Sith Eternal Emperor isn’t complete without his Ultimate: I Am All The Sith. Lets guide you through the best ways to earn Ability Material Ultimate for Sith Eternal Emperor in SWGOH!

How to farm Dark Side Galactic Legends Currency

You need to farm Dark Side Galactic Legends Currency to participate in Phase 4-6 for the Sith Eternal Emperor Journey Guide event. 70 pieces of Dark Side GL Currency is a steep price to pay every time to earn Ability Material Ultimate (lets just call it GL Ult Mats), but there’s no way around it to participate in the event.

SEE swgoh dialogue

If you’re looking to farm currency quick, just keep refreshing Dark Side nodes to earn the Dark Side GL Currency needed. There are plenty of farming options, as you can use this opportunity to slow-farm character shards you might have not unlocked yet, medium-farm 10-energy normal nodes for gear pieces you might need for other characters, or fast-farm 6-energy normal nodes to grab weak pieces of gear but up your chances for maximizing potential Dark Side GL Currency.

Phases 4-6 Sith Eternal Emperor event

Gear up your Sith Eternal Emperor if you haven’t already. Capital Games gives you his Ultimate for the event, but SEE’s stats are based on the gear and mods you have equipped. The better the gear and mods, the most likely you are to survive and complete these phases. 

Phases 4 and 5 won’t give you any GL Ult mats, but they must be completed before you can reach Phase 6 and begin earning the coveted GL Ult Mats. As mentioned above, you should swap your best mods onto your GL event trio for the best results. Sith Eternal Emperor, Darth Vader, and Count Dooku are a great team to steamroll Rey and Ben Solo (formally known as Kylo Ren).

sith eternal emperor ultimate

Make sure you start the encounter by linking Rey and Ben Solo with the Sith Eternal Emperor ability: Unraveled Destiny. Linking the duo will boost your Ultimate charge, bringing you closer to the overpowered Sith Eternal Emperor ability: Power! Unlimited Power! Follow up by trying to inflict an Ability Block on Rey and a Stun on Ben Solo. If the debuffs don’t land, don’t stress about it.

Once the Turn Meter makes its rounds back to SEE, use your Ultimate and unleash Power! Ultimate Power! This brings Rey and Ben Solo’s health pool severely low, allowing Darth Vader and Count Dooku to clean up. Just remember to defeat Ben Solo first, and then take out Rey immediately after.

This strategy is easy and super straightforward when put into practice, and it’s just a matter of rinse and repeat once you earn the Dark Side GL Currency. Before you know it, you’ll be at 10 GL Ult Mats, and have a fully kitted out Galactic Legends Sith Eternal Emperor complete with Ultimate abilities!

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