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How to upgrade your Commanders in Lord of the Rings Rise to War

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Lord of the Rings Rise to War offers flexibility in how you build your Commanders. The abilities are the same for every player, but skill trees allow players to build how they want their army to look. While we won’t tell you how you should upgrade them, we’ll tell you all the best and most efficient ways to upgrade your Commanders in Lord of the Rings Rise to War.

Commander skill tree

Commanders in Lord of the Rings Rise to War each have a unique skill tree with different abilities they can upgrade and use in battle. Players can tap into these abilities by spending skill points earned by leveling up their Commander. Players gain EXP by participating in battles and sweeps, capturing Power Tiles, completing tips in the Tavern, and doing mock battles. The most lucrative experience point farming method is getting Commanders to complete mock battles on high-level Power Tiles.


Leveling up the Respect meter for Commanders opens up new abilities in the skill tree. Respect is typically thought of as a means to recruit more Commanders, but gifts can be used to level up the Respect levels of Commanders currently on your roster. The Respect you give to any Commander adds to an Influence level meter, giving a blanket increase to all your Commanders’ stats throughout your roster. You can view the progress of your Influence on the bottom left corner of the Recruit Commander menu.


Players can earn and upgrade equipment for Commanders to use in LOTR Rise to War. There are four categories of equipment: Head, Armor, Hand, and Accessory. Each piece of equipment is unique and provides different bonuses when a Commander equips them. You can also strengthen and refine Equipment to increase their bonus stats further. Just be careful, if you decide to invest in your equipment, make sure it’s a piece that makes sense for your Commander and army.

Commander technique level

The Master-at-arms can take equipment and use it to Impart Wisdom, in turn giving your Commander skill points. A Commander can have their Technique level rise to a maximum of four levels. Each level gives a bonus Skill point to an ability on the Ring skill tree. Each level also provides bonuses to retain equipment familiarity by 50% when a Commander switches equipment. You can interact with the Master-at-arms in the Tavern.

Ring skill tree

While players may not have the One Ring, their forged Ring makes a major difference in every battle. LOTR Rise to War players can use their Ring’s skill tree to give powerful bonuses to upgrade their Commanders stats. Bonuses from the Ring skill tree can be attributed to the Speed, Physical Damage, and Focus Damage stats for every Commander.

Unique equipment

Lord of the Rings Rise to War will have more ways to upgrade Commander in the future. There’s already a tab for Commander Unique Equipment that will be released for Season 2 of LOTR Rise to War. Competitive players can get the jump on Unique Equipment by leveling up the Respect of your Commander to Level 10 when Unique Equipment arrives next season.

Stay tuned for more Lord of the Rings Rise to War content!

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