How to use AI squads in Enlisted effectively

Been playing Enlisted for a while but can’t seem to keep your squad alive? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as today I will be showing you how to use AI in Enlisted in the most efficient way possible.

As we all know, the AI in Enlisted is not the brightest, and needs a lot of tutoring, which is why this step-by-step guide will help you keep them alive long enough for you to use them!

AI squads in Enlisted

Unlike other games of the genre, where you typically only need to worry about your character, in Enlisted you actually have a whole squad under your command and it’s your job to ensure they survive and thrive.

Now, your squad members do have some basic instincts, like crouching and taking cover, in order to not get killed right away. However, they sometimes go out on their own, doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing, and that gives your squad’s position away. When you are in the middle of a battle, that’s not very good.

Commanding your squad

There are a few actions you can take in order to keep your AI from going rogue in the middle of a match.

For starters, there are basic commands you can give to your AI squad members:

  • Hold a position
  • Hold an objective
  • Build
  • Dismantle
  • Revive your character
  • Heal your character
  • Attack the enemy
  • Get into a vehicle
How to use AI in Enlisted
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Holding a position

This is the most common command you can give your AI, and I tend to use it in two specific ways. First, you can use it defensively: choosing a well-protected house will low windows and have your troops hold that position. They might not be the smartest AI, but they do know how to effectively crouch and hide, and this way they can get a decent amount of kills before getting killed themselves.

The other way is to bring your AI very close to your next objective and keep them well hidden as you go off fighting solo. That way, when your character dies, you’ll still be near the action. How to go about it? Well, the best way is to lock them in attics. AI squad members don’t know how to climb ladders and latches. That would usually be a bad thing if you wanted them to follow you, but in this specific case where you want them to stay put in a safe area, it’s pretty useful.

So, all you have to do is lookout for a house with an attic and place them all in the attic. Now, as I mentioned, they can’t climb out by themselves, so you’ll have to switch places with your members and do it individually.

Many players don’t know this, but it is possible to switch between squad members without the character you’re using dies. All you have to do is press the Y button on your PC. Once you’ve placed everyone in the attic, just choose the squad member you want and head off onto battle.

Holding an objective

When you reach an objective, your AI squad will automatically move away from the objective and focus on trying to kill off any nearby enemies. However, if that is not what you want them to do, press the X key and they will move towards the objective and fan out, covering multiple entries.

How to use AI in Enlisted
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Building and Dismantling

Alrighty! This is a feature not many players are familiar with and for good reason, since the game doesn’t exactly teach you anything about it in the tutorial.

So, you have a squad and you got a couple of engineers in it, but you’ve never quite figured out what to do with them. Well, wonder no more! All you have to do is put down a blueprint and then command the engineers in your squad to build the device or structure. We’re talking barbed wire, heavy machinery, ammo boxes, sandbag walls, and so much more.

However, the AI is not the smartest and might get distracted from their task, meaning you’ll end up having to swap into an engineer and building the structure yourself.

As for dismantling, all you have to do is get closer to the structure you wish to dismantle and order your AI to dismantle. Then again, you might end up doing this yourself too, since your AI can often abandon their task if an enemy shoots their weapon.

Reviving and healing your character

This is one of the best uses for your AI: they heal you very quickly. You can just load a bunch of medkits into their inventory before the match begins, and you’ll have your own on-call doctor. The same strategy applies to healing in general.

Attacking the enemy

Telling your squad to attack the enemy is usually unnecessary since they are already hardwired to do so. However, you might be tempted to tell them to attack armored tanks. This is a big nope for your AI squad.

The second you tell your squad to hit a tank, Enlisted will tell you straight away it’s not possible, so there is really no reason for you to put your AI in the line of fire. Instead, switch to your bomber and destroy that bad boy yourself.

Getting into a vehicle

There is no trick to learn here, as the AI is already used to getting into vehicles when you do. However, they jump out as soon as you do, meaning they’ll become sitting ducks.

To keep that from happening, hit that X key and order them to remain inside the vehicle. That way, if you get gunned down, you can switch to another squad member, without immediately being put in harms way.

How to use AI in Enlisted
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Bonus tips

Whenever you wish to use your AI in battle in Enlisted, you will have to use your X button and V button often. The V key marks the enemy and your squad will usually look in that direction and shoot; other times they’ll just look at the walls and admire the dirt. Yup, the AI is not very smart currently.

It is also smart to use the radio as often as possible, to give different battle formations to your squad. You’ll find the radio on the Alt key by default, and you can see the different formations.

When to use the radio? Well, let’s say you go into an open ground scenario, keeping your troops in a line would just make them easy targets. That’s when you pick up the radio and tell your troops to stand wide apart from each other. That way it makes it harder for the enemy to wipe you out. On the other hand, when moving from trench to trench, it’s best to keep your AI close.

And that’s it! I confess it took me some time to get a hang of this, and most of my knowledge was acquired by trial and error – lots and lots of unnecessary AI deaths. In the end I feel I got it right, and I hope it works for you guys as well.

I am hoping that the AI will be improved over the next patches and updates, but until then, feel free to use these tips and stay tuned for more Enlisted content!

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