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How to use airplanes in Call of Duty Warzone: Pacific – Tips and tricks

Talk to me, Goose.

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific stepped up their vehicle game by including airplanes and anti-aircraft vehicles in the new Caldera map. We’re still pretty early into Caldera, but the new Warzone: Pacific airplanes are looking a little overpowered. Think of them as a combination of an aimbot, perpetual UAV, and whatever would be considered a class above Legendary weapons. We’ll lay out some tips and tricks to grab some easy team-wipes with airplanes in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific.

Slow down

The airplanes might give you the urge to channel your inner Danger Zone. You absolutely need to fight that urge. It’s difficult to keep control of a fighter plane if you’re ripping past enemies and only landing a shot or two. Do yourself a favor and slow down, toggle your ADS, and fire away. The airplane’s guns are forgiving as long as you’re moving slowly.

Sorta aim for the enemies

Please bear with me past the “Wtf…” tip name. Warzone Pacific is insane with how airplanes can miss enemies but still kill them. The hit-boxes on enemies are so painfully large that it gives you a large margin for error even if you think you’re not going to land your shots. “Click their heads” has never been more irrelevant. If you’re close enough to the red dots in your airplane’s HUD, fire away.

Scout enemies for your ground allies

Airplanes can identify enemies from a long distance. Take advantage of this by pinging locations to your allies. This will give some guidance of places to hit up next, and the air support complementing a ground assault can easily sweep most teams if they’re not prepared for an attack.

Vertical angles

Use the aerial advantage to your favor by shooting from vertical angles. It’s significantly easier to take out teams if you’re shooting from top-down rather than a horizontal angle. It increases the time you have to kill and takes less movement to adjust your shots. Vertical approaches also lower your chances of accidentally hitting trees, buildings, and mountains since you’ll have a clearer picture of your environment.

Lead your shots

Since vehicles are faster than enemies on foot, you’ll need to marginally lead your shots. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve played a handful of FPS games and know exactly what I’m talking about. The hit-boxes are still generous and forgiving, but that doesn’t absolve you from slightly leading your shots ahead of where your target vehicle is moving.

We’re all on even ground now that there’s a new Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific map in Caldera. Make sure to stay tuned for more tips and tricks to bring you to that next W.

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