How to use all Teen weapons in VHS

In VHS there are a variety of weapons that Teens players can craft to kill the Monster with. All of these weapons work in different ways and are each suited for various situations. So how can you know which one to craft? Well, I will tell you everything you need to know about weapons in VHS from what I have observed in the VHS closed beta. I will not be going over weapon modifications for now, and instead, I’ll just examine the base weapons.  

There are four types of weapons in VHS, and each type represents a specific Stigma. There are currently three weapons for each Stigma.  When the Monster has been banished by one Stigma, all weapons of that type will stun them instead from that point on. For example, if you banish the Monster with a Curse weapon, then all future Curse weapon attacks will stun the Monster rather than damaging it.  

When a Teen first starts the game they can only craft one weapon per Stigma. The way to unlock more weapons for a Stigma is by using the weapon in matches and gaining XP for it. Once you have used the weapon enough times the next weapon for that Stigma will unlock. Now let’s go over all the weapons for each Stigma. 

Crafting weapon image by Hellbent Games

Burn Weapons

The first Stigma is called Burn, and every weapon in this category uses fire. The weapon Teens will have access to first is the Flamethrower. What the Flamethrower does is shoot out a cone of flame that can banish the monster. It does take a second for the Flamethrower to trigger, so make sure the Monster is not too close to you before using it. In order to banish the Monster with the Flamethrower, you must keep the fire on the Monster for two seconds.  

The Flamethrower is a solid option if you are new to the game, as it is easy to hit the Monster with it. But if you have the skills to use the next weapon, it is much better to craft it instead. The second Burn weapon is the Fire Bomb, and it is pretty much a Molotov. You can aim the Fire Bomb, and throw it quite far if there is nothing in your way. When the Fire Bomb hits the ground it explodes in flames and leaves a circle of fire on the ground for a few seconds.

Using the Fire Bomb will take more practice, you need to get a feel for how far you can throw it, and how fast it takes to trigger after throwing. The Fire Bomb is great at blocking off areas to prevent the Monster from getting a fellow Teen. You can also use it to trap the Monster in a room, or for setting up an ambush. If you land the Fire Bomb on the Monster it is practically a guaranteed kill. The only way the Monster can avoid death is if they are on the edge of the Fire Bomb’s radius.

Flamethrower weapon image by Hellbent Games

The last Burn weapon is the Solar Flare and it works quite differently from the other weapons. It is a disc that the Teen player has to deploy somewhere on the map. This disc floats in place with rays showing its area of effect. If the Monster gets close to the Solar Flare the Survivor can activate the disk to attack. The Teen does not need to aim the Solar Flare, as it will auto-aim at the Monster. This is what makes the Solar Flare so strong to use. 

There are weaknesses to the Solar Flare though. For starters, once placed it cannot move. If you need to reposition it you have to dismiss the disk and place it again. Additionally, the Monster can reduce the Solar Flare charges by looking at the disk, so you need to make sure to dismiss the disk if you are unable to hit the Monster with it.

The Solar Flare still works great at preventing the Monster from moving through an area, and you can use it to help out a fellow Teen getting chased by setting up an ambush. However, if you are one of the last Teens left alive I recommend building a Flamethrower or Fire Bomb instead.   

Shock Weapons

The Shock Stigma uses electricity to banish the Monster, and the first weapon you can craft is the Raygun. As the name suggests it is a gun that shoots electric rays that can banish the Monster. This is definitely a skill-based weapon. In the hands of an inexperienced Teen it can feel a bit lackluster in power, but once you’ve gotten used to it the Raygun can be a force to be reckoned with. It does take some time to learn the range of the weapon, and how to aim, but investing time to learn is definitely worth it.  

After the Raygun we have the RC Flyer, which is a remote-controlled helicopter that shoots a beam of electricity. While controlling the RC Flyer the Teen cannot see their body, and is in full control of the RC Flyer. The RC Flyer is easier to use when you have a team that communicates because you need to know where the Monster is before using it. This makes the RC Flyer great for ambushing the Monster.

Raygun weapon image by Hellbent Games

Another advantage of using the RC Flyer is that it stops your Teen from becoming disrupted when another nearby Teen is hit by the monster. Typically in such a situation, your weapon would become disabled for a short while, but the RC Flyer is exempt from this effect. This can help you catch the Monster off guard.

Be aware the RC Flyer is incredibly loud so the Monster will hear you coming, though you will still be able to catch up to the Monster most of the time if they run away. Just be careful not to get too close because the Monster can hit the RC Flyer. If this happens the RC Flyer will be destroyed instantly, and the Monster will disrupt any Teens nearby.

Getting used to the RC Flyer’s controls definitely takes some practice, and this weapon is not as useful if you are the only Teen left. This is because you cannot use the RC Flyer while the Monster is chasing you, and there is a delay when activating the RC Flyer.  

The final Shock weapon is the Shock Sphere – is a device that creates an electric forcefield around the Teen, and forces them to move continuously forward at rapid speed. With the Shock Sphere, a Teen can chase down the Monster.

Shock Sphere weapon image by Hellbent Games

What makes the Shock Sphere special is that if you hit the Monster with it, it is an instant kill. Of course, this power does come with a downside. After crafting a Shock Sphere you must charge it at several charge stations throughout the map. These charge stations will be revealed to you with battery icons. Once fully charged it takes a few seconds to activate the Shock Sphere, so it is best used for surprise attacks. 

Another downside to the Shock Sphere is that once you are inside the electric field you cannot hear anything. You will need to know exactly where the Monster is, or have your team communicate the Monster’s location. This is a weapon you should not craft if you are the only Teen left. 

Purify Weapons

The Purify Stigma utilizes purifying energy to banish the Monster. The first purify weapon is the Radiant Cross which shoots out a cone of energy. This weapon is easy to aim and requires you to keep the cone on the Monster for two seconds. The Radiant Cross is a flexible VHS weapon that works well always. It excels against the Dollmaster’s dolls, which are normally tricky to hit due to their diminutive hitboxes.  

After the Radiant Cross there is the Holy Slingshot, which is a lot harder to use. The Holy Slingshot shoots out a small ball of Purify energy. When it lands it creates a small circle and deals damage to the Monster as long as they are in the circle. However, this circle is incredibly small so using the Holy Slingshot successfully can be quite the challenge. This is another VHS weapon that skilled Teen players can use to make amazing plays, if they can aim correctly. 

Holy Slingshot weapon image by Hellbent Games

The final Purify weapon is also the strongest Purify weapon. Before you can use the Sacred Staff it must be charged in a specific way. You have to heal injured Teens with the Sacred Staff, and once you have healed enough then it will be able to target the Monster. Because of this downtime mechanic you cannot really use the Sacred Staff if you are the last Teen left.  

What makes the Sacred Staff strong is that it has quite the range, and it auto-aims at the Monster. So all you have to do to use it is activate it. When activated the Sacred Staff shoots a concentrated beam of Purify energy at the Monster. To banish the Monster you must keep this beam on them for two seconds.   

Curse Weapons

The final Stigma is Curse and this Stigma uses dark energy to banish the Monster. The first weapon is the Cursed Sword, and it happens to be one of the strongest weapons in the game. It is important to know the Cursed Sword is not a melee weapon like you would think, but a ranged weapon. So make sure to keep your distance from the Monster when using it.  

What the Cursed Sword does is shoot out a purple wall that moves in a straight line. This wall stays around for a few seconds before despawning. If the Monster tries to go through the wall they will start taking Curse damage and will be banished if they are inside the wall for two seconds. With the Cursed Sword you can trap the Monster inside rooms, or even make your own box around the Monster so they have nowhere to go.  

This ability to instantly create a barrier the Monster cannot go through safely is what makes the Cursed Sword so strong. Even after the Monster has been banished by the Curse Stigma, you can still use the Cursed Sword to set the Monster up to get banished by the other Stigmas. 

Cursed Sword weapon image by Hellbent Games

The second Curse weapon is the Infernal Eye. Like the Shock Sphere, this is a one-shot weapon. The Teen summoning the Infernal Eye must control it instead of their character. Then they must run the Infernal Eye into the Monster to instantly banish them. The Infernal Eye continuously moves forwards so it can be tricky to navigate at first. Knowing the Monster’s location beforehand or having your team tell you where the Monster is greatly helps when using Infernal Eye.  

While incredibly strong, the Infernal Eye is not a good choice if you are the last Teen left. This is because while summoning it the Teen chants loudly, which alerts the Monster and gives them a chance to interrupt the summon. It takes a few seconds to summon the Infernal Eye so you cannot use it while being chased.  

The last curse weapon is the Enigma, and it is also quite strong. When the Enigma has been crafted the Teen must charge it, but they can only charge it while in the Monster’s Tension Track. The Tension Track is a radius around the Monster where unique music plays to warn Teens that the Monster is coming. If you are familiar with Dead by Daylight, this mechanic is like a Killer’s Terror Radius. Teens can also charge the Enigma when looking directly at the Monster.

Enigma weapon image by Hellbent Games

Once the Enigma has been charged it is a lethal weapon. When you are near the Monster you can activate the Enigma and it will auto-aim at the Monster. It shoots a beam of curse energy at the Monster, and it takes less than two seconds for it to banish them.  

Note, that the Enigma makes a lot of noise while charging which can put you in danger. Due to how dangerous it is to charge, the Enigma is not a good VHS weapon to craft if you are the last Teen left. You will also have to consider what your situation is in the game. If the Monster has a lot of pressure, you should craft a different weapon, since you won’t have the time needed to charge the Enigma.  

There you have it: all the Teen weapons in VHS explained, and how to use them. As you can see, while there are some overlapping similarities between them, each weapon is specialized for unique purposes. Some excel at ambushing the Monster, while others are great for direct confrontation.

I hope this guide has helped you out. Stay tuned for more VHS guides!

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