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How to use Echo in Marvel Strike Force – Abilities, tips, best team

Echo is a new Brawler in Marvel Strike Force, joining the Young Avengers. Born deaf but with the ability to copy any physical action, Echo was trained in multiple combat methods and with a variety of weapons. Here is everything you need to know about Echo in Marvel Strike Force.

Character & kit overview

Echo is a high-damage Brawler who retaliates against those who attack her Young Avenger allies. With extra Crit Chance on her Basic and Special abilities, you will want to equip her with the Raider ISO-8 class. With an Accuracy of 150%, even when Blind she still has a 50% chance to hit her attacks.

Basic – Avenge Without Fear

  • Attack primary target for 250% damage.
  • Bonus Attack for 200% damage.
  • This attack has 20% Extra Crit Chance.

Special – Tonfa Bash

  • Attack primary target for 350% damage.
  • Chain to 2 targets within 2 spaces of the previous target for 200% damage.
  • This attack has 25% Extra Crit Chance.
  • Apply +2 Evade, up to a maximum of 5, to self and Young Avenger allies.
  • On War Defense, this targets the most injured enemy, ignoring Taunt.
  • Dodge breaks this Chain.

Ultimate – Debilitating Brawl

  • Attack primary target for 300% damage.
  • Rebound Chain to 4-6 adjacent targets for 250% damage + apply Slow for 2 turns.
  • If a target does not have Slow, reduce that character’s Speed Bar by 25%.
  • Counterattack breaks this Chain.
  • This attack cannot be blocked or dodged.

Passive – Perfect Mimicry

  • On Spawn, apply Defense Up for 2 turns to self and Young Avenger allies.
  • When an enemy attacks a Young Avenger ally, attack that enemy for 250% damage.
  • While this character does not have Blind, reduce the Assist Chance for enemies by 100%.
  • On Blind, gain Slow.
  • Gain +10% Damage if this character has any Skill enemies.
  • Gain +25% Damage. Young Avenger allies gain +25% Damage.

Best team for Echo in Marvel Strike Force

Your optimal line-up is Echo + Ms. Marvel + Squirrel Girl + America Chavez + Kate Bishop.

Echo is meant to replace Spider-Man (Miles) as the new damage Brawler on the Young Avenger team. She bolsters her fellow Young Avenger’s damage and retaliates when they are attacked. Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and America Chavez were recently adjusted, making them more potent when paired with Echo. This team is best suited for War Defense.

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