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How to use Ghost-Spider in Marvel Strike Force – Abilties, tips, best team

Ghost-Spider is actually Gwen Stacy from an alternate dimension. Like her counterpart Peter Parker, she uses super strength and web-slinging abilities to fight crime. Here is everything you need to know about Ghost-Spider in Marvel Strike Force.

Character & kit overview

Ghost-Spider is a controller who uses her high Focus to land negative effects. Through these, she creates openings for her allies and defends them by retaliating against attacking foes. When used in Raids, she gives her Web Warrior allies Ability Energy and Speed-Up, as well as granting them additional damage.

Basic – Lithe Spider

  • Steal 1 Evade from primary target.
  • Attack primary target for 270% damage + gain Evade.
  • In RAIDS, if Spider-Man (Miles) is an ally, and if the primary target has Slow, apply Blind.
  • This attack cannot be dodged.

Special – Graceful Web

  • Attack primary for 160% damage and +60% Crit Chance. On Crit, apply Ability Block.
  • Chain to 4-5 adjacent targets for 160% damage.
  • Apply Slow for 2 turns to each target.
  • Apply Assist Now to 1 random Spider-Man (Miles) ally.

Ultimate – Web Snare

  • Attack all enemies for 330% damage.
  • Spread all negative effects from the primary target to all secondary targets.
  • This will not spread Stun, Ability Block, or Trauma.

Ghost-Spider’s Passive is Percussive Punishment. Whenever Spider-Man (Miles) drops below 50% Health, she applies Stealth to him. She also attacks anyone who deals damage to her Web Warrior allies, resulting in a strong defense that slowly whittles down the health of her enemies. On top of this Ghost-Spider also receives +25% Dodge chance and +25% Damage.

Best team for Ghost-Spider in Marvel Strike Force

Ghost-Spider is meant to be paired with Spider-Man (Miles), Spider-Man, Spider-Punk, and Scarlet Spider. Her ability to grant Spider-Man (Miles) stealth synergizes with his Passive and her ability Graceful Web will get an assist attack from Miles as well.

When paired with other Web Warriors, Ghost-Spider will get additional utility from her Passive Percussive Punishment. Anytime Spider-Man (Miles), Spider-Man, Spider-Punk or Scarlet Spider are attacked, Ghost-Spider will retaliate for up 250% damage.

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